Thursday, December 18, 2008

Extended warranty? No thanks…

My 2006 Honda Odyssey Touring is JUST out of warranty… by like 2k miles. I took it in today to Honda Carland for a minor appointment. We bought our car there. We have never taken our car ANYwhere else to get it serviced. Within the last year or so they have become so large (they really are the biggest, baddest sales/service dealership around) that they have outsourced their service scheduling to a call center. The call center people do not know their head from an elephant’s rear. I called them 3 weeks ago to tell them I had a sticker in my car stating I was due for my 40k servicing. First, the woman could not find me by my phone #. She said my phone # returned a list of 74 people or something… THEN, after hearing my name 5 times prior, she asked if I was Angela… No lady… I am not Angela. She said my car is not due for a servicing and that the Odyssey has a 45k servicing which should be my next one but I could bring in my car for that servicing. It was only just over 40k. No thank you… 1 week later, when my car is about 40,600 miles, I get “SERVICE DUE SOON” from my car… Wonderful! I love it when I deal with competent people! It makes my day. So I call back and explain to them what happened and they blew it off, of course. I also let them know about the coupon booklet I had from when I purchased my car that gave me the minor services (every other one) free. They told me to bring it in with me when I came. Today was the appointment. I brought the car in at 9:45 and was told it would take 60-90 mins for the service and a little longer to determine the chronic brake noise issue. I sat back and was entertained by the laptop I decided to bring (though the genius in me forgot the power cable) for about 1 hour and 45 mins and then was called up. I could see on the screen the total price was going to be over $1200. I nearly choked, seriously. I told them about the coupon (that I forgot at home, DOH) which would have knocked off the $110 for the service thus far and she said that wasn’t valid for this service but that I should have a $10 coupon for this one that she’d honor though I didn’t have it with me. I told her the conversation with the woman at the call center. She explained in a more detailed fashion why this coupon was not valid for THIS service and I accepted it though I was not very happy about it. Then she said I needed a steering pump (over $300), brakes and resurfaced rotors ($400) and some sort of rear shock thing that had fluid leaking from it ($400). I was ticked, noticeably. I asked her why when I brought my car in September (when it was FULLY COVERED) was a leak not detected. And before she could answer I asked her why was the steering pump failing NOW when I have documented complaining about noises from the steering going back a year. We went back and forth and she said she would talk to her manager about getting these covered under warranty and getting me a rental car (which is unheard of at this place) to get everything done. Needless to say, all was done under warranty except the standard service and the brakes/rotors which we will get priced elsewhere. On a side note, thank you to Patrick who was going to pick up the girl if I was unable to because of this mess. They got it done in time (3.5 hours at this place today) for me to pick her up though, barely. What a mess… I am leasing next time!

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Today, the boy lost his very first tooth! It has been a long time coming since his adult tooth grew in behind but it is finally OUT! We sang "La Tooth-a-racha" in the car on the way home while rattling the tooth in it's case like a maraca!! WHAT FUN! He also did not get any steps at school today which is a big accomplishment. We have been struggling with him getting steps (behavioral marks) almost on a daily basis. For his good behavior he gets to choose tonights dinner. He chose Taco Bell. Whatever works, eh? Finally, he made a hanukkiah (a menorah for Hanukkah) at school and I got to help. It came out AWESOME. I will post a picture when we get to take it home. He is obsessed with games... like his mommy... so it is a game hanukkiah made with parts of many different games! Martha has nothin on me! ;)

On the GIRL side, she began reading "If You Give a Pig a Pancake"! The boy said she could do it. I thought it was a little much for her. We got through about 5 pages! We will read 5 more tomorrow night. Not bad for my ALMOST 5 year old in pre-k!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Fast Forward!

My life seems like it is in fast forward lately. First, for those of you that do not know (which is almost everyone), my family is moving to Florida (Tampa) in the summer of 09. I could not be more excited! This started when Bubby got very ill and we thought we were going to lose her. This made me think of how much family we have in town… none. I told my husband that I wanted to be closer to family so here we are! We signed on a house 2 weeks ago and signed up the kids for school. The plan is to get this house ready to put on the market soon so we have a LOT of work to do.

Because of the pending move, we have needed to make (and really have needed to make for a while) a change in our spending habits. We have wanted for nothing in the last several years. We would eat out most nights, get the most current toys and baubles and not think about spending. We have been very lucky, VERY. In today’s economy that is just not possible. I am starting to cook every meal and really taking a look at how much I spend on the meals. A friend told me about 5 dollar meals. This woman is amazing with her thriftiness! I cannot say that I will be able to be as good as she is, but it really helps me with MY spending. Cooking at home will also help keep the family healthier in the long run.

Thanksgiving was this week. We spent it with the same people we spent the 4th of July with, the Altwargs. We had a blast! They are such a great family. The cranberry sauce was GREAT! See below for the recipe. I will never EVER buy canned again! Elizabeth also made cranberry bread that was by far the star of the meal. The recipe is below. I made a Semi-Homemade meal with some of the leftovers we had but I tweaked the recipe a little. See below for the modified recipe.

Spiced Cranberry Sauce

zest and juice from 1 orange
1/2 cups water
1 tart apple, such as Granny Smith, pippin or
3 cups fresh cranberries
1 1/4 cups sugar
1/2 tsp. ground cinnamon
1/4 tsp. ground cloves

In a small saucepan over high heat, combine the zest, juice and the water and bring to a
boil.. Peel, core and quarter the apple. Cut into 1/2-inch dice and place in a saucepan with the cranberries, sugar, and spices. Bring to a boil over high heat, reduce the heat to low and cover the pan partially. Simmer gently, stirring occasionally, until the sauce thickens, the apple is tender and the cranberries have burst, 10 to 15 minutes. Transfer the cranberry sauce to a heatproof bowl and let cool for 1 hour before serving. Or cover and refrigerate; bring to room temperature before serving.

Pot Pie Casserole

Preheat oven to 350.

-4 cups of chopped up cooked turkey (or chicken if you prefer)
-2 cans of condensed cream soup (I used healthy request broccoli cheese and chicken)
-4 cups of veggies such as: leftover steamed green beans or fzn), raw white corn cut from 2 cobs, 2 large raw carrots sliced, 2 small raw red potatoes cubed, half a chopped sweet onion, 1 celery rib chopped... you could also add fzn peas but I didn't have any.

Stir all above in a large bowl. Add to a large baking dish and cook TIGHTLY covered in foil for 1 hour and 45 mins. Take out of the oven and on top add a single layer of:-16 oz can of refrig. biscuits (I used pilsbury grands). Brush with 4 TBSP of melted butter and sprinkle pepper over the top. Bake for an add'l 18 mins until the biscuits are done.

Cranberry Fruit Nut Bread
- 1 cup of Ocean Spray fresh or frozen cranberries – coarsely chopped
- ½ cup chopped nuts (walnuts)
- 1 tbsp. Grated orange peel
- 2 cups all purpose flour
- 1 cup sugar
- 1 1/2 tsp. Baking powder
- 1 tsp. Salt
- ½ tsp. Baking soda
- 2 Tbsl. Shortening (margerine/butter)
- ¾ cup orange juice
- 1 egg well beaten

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Generously grease & lightly flour a baking pan
Prepare cranberries, nuts & orange peel – set aside
Mix together flour, sugar, baking powder, salt and baking soda
Cut in shortening (make it look like pebbles and mix into the flour mixture)
Stir in orange juice, egg and orange peel, mixing just to moisten
Fold in cranberries and nuts
Spoon into prepared pan
Bake 60 minutes or until wooden toothpick comes out clean
Cool on rack for 15 minutes. Remove from pan and cool more.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A letter from the heart...

Today I felt compelled to tell John McCain how I felt. Many of my conservative friends are too busy berating the president-elect 2 and a half months before he is even sworn in. Many of my liberal friends are busy celebrating, but my mind this afternoon was drawn to Senator McCain. His speech was more than gracious, classy and very respectful. I expected nothing less from the man.

I watched the news most of today. Many people were trying to analyze what happened to the republican vote that has been so strong the last 2 presidential elections. One person interviewed was Michael Regan, adopted son of Ronald Regan with his first wife. No, I do not agree with his politics but I agreed with one thing he said (to an extent). He said that McCain's loss was because of Bush and his causing America to lose faith in the republican party (I paraphrased). I think it was an unfair, uphill battle for any republican largely due to the last 8 years. But, I think Palin was a big weakness in the McCain campaign. I say that because when he chose her for a running mate I questioned his judgment for it. As I watched her in action, that thought was only reaffirmed.

That being said, I decided to write to Senator McCain. Silly me I guess. I am sure it will not be read. I am sure he is flooded with emails. I am sure reading a letter from someone who didn't vote for him isn't high on his priority list, but I did...

Senator McCain,

I want to tell you how very much I respect you now and even before this election was won. You have done great things for our great nation and I personally cannot begin to thank you enough. Though I did not vote for you in this election, I wanted you to know that there are people, me included, who still hope that you continue to make your opinions loud and clear in the senate. This nation is clearly divided and it is clear that your opinion is strongly looked to for fair balance. Please, continue to make your voice heard. Continue to help this country come closer to a middle ground. Continue to help us all become a better America, one we can be proud of once again. Yes I am counting on President-elect Obama, but I also count on you. Be that voice for the people you so relentlessly campaigned for and do not yield even if your opinions are not turned into actions. Help compromise and encourage compromise when compromise can be made. Do not be discouraged.

P.J. Rosen, married mother of 2 in Georgia

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My crazy morning

What an ABSOLUTLY CRAZY morning!! Let me start from yesterday. My loving, wonderful, incredibly smart and handsome husband is in Dubai at the moment on a business trip. He normally handles any crisis that comes to be in this house. We lost power for about an hour in the early afternoon. I had to read the pull handle on how to manually open the garage door in case the power was not back by the time I had to pick up the boy and our carpool girl. Luckily, it came back on and I did not have to fumble with that! Because the power was off so long, the alarm clock reset. I reset the time AND the first alarm which comes on with the radio. The second I did not touch and that comes on with an alarm sound. This morning, I am woken by the sound of my phone ringing… I look at the clock and HOLY HELL it is 7:18 which means the lady I carpool with is calling because my son is not out there! I don’t even bother with getting my glasses on, throw on yesterdays clothes and RUN down the stairs to let Anne know what happened and to tell her to just go. I RUN back up the stairs to let the boy know we are late and Anne is leaving so I will have to take him to school. He JUMPS out of bed and throws back the blinds to see Anne leave. That kicked him into high gear! I go back to my room and call Kathy and tell her I will pick up her girl instead of Kathy having to drive her here since I will be dropping off my boy at school which is close to her house. She was happy because that would save her some time and energy! I toss a $5 and 2 snacks in the boys backpack and have my girl get on her flip flops since she couldn’t find her slippers. We get into the car and when I get to the end of the neighborhood I realize I forgot my cell phone!!! What is WORSE is I don’t know Kathy’s address since she moves last weekend! UGH I was hoping she would somehow psychically know I didn’t have my phone and didn’t know her address but real life doesn’t work like that. Traffic was horrendous! BUT, I got the boy to school just in time! He might have been marked late but if he was, it was by 3 minutes or less. I call that a WIN, all things considered. I make it to Kathy’s old house and knock on the door. Patrick was probably sleeping and I felt horrible about even thinking of waking him but I didn’t have her cell #... Who the hell knows phone numbers now-a-days?!?! So I left and made it to a strip mall… the same strip mall where we bought the kids’ bikes. I had a plan! I was going to call my husband… in Dubai… OF COURSE! He has Kathy’s #!!! YES!! PERFECT! There was no pay phone BUT there was an officer of the law! I rolled down my window and asked where the nearest pay phone was and he stared at me like I was an alien. Then I told him I left my cell at home and he offered me HIS! How sweet! Then he made a joke “You aren’t calling China or anything, right?” and I said “No, I am actually calling Dubai but it is a local call!” He probably thought I was joking HAHA! So I call the mup… voicemail, naturally. So I try again… voicemail. Third time was a charm and I said “Honey, Sorry this is PJ. I am calling from a police officers cell phone and I need your help. I left my cell at home. Everything is fine but I need you to call Kathy and tell her to meet me at the house. OUR house.” All the while the officer is talking to my girl about the flip flops she has on and how cold it is outside… 40 degrees. I am surprised he didn’t call DEFACS on me!! I had adrenaline in every part of my body at that point so I didn’t really think about what my husband must have been thinking. I thanked the officer and raced (at a snails pace due to the traffic) home to find 2 messages from Kathy. The first was shortly after I left he house to give me her address. Second was “You want me to meet you at YOUR house?” Needless to say, everything and everyone got where it was supposed to today. After talking to my husband a second time, apparently what happened with the alarm was I had it set on alarm A (the radio alarm) and since the power failed, I had to reset the digital radio station. So when the alarm went off, it wasn’t on a station so it made no noise. *sigh* I am glad there are no more trips planned for my husband in the near future. I thought I was a self-sufficient type of girl! Looks like I need my mup more than I realized. COME HOME ALREADY!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

While the cat's (the cooooool cat, that is) away...

This morning it is raining. I love the rain. It lulls me... However, my beloved is out of town and I am a notoriously horrible at sleeping a decent amount of time when he is away. I have had 4-5 hours of sleep the last 4 nights although last night I actually fell asleep at a decent time, 10:30. But I woke startled at 3:30 and wasn’t able to get back to sleep. Today it was my responsibility to get my son and the girl we carpool with to school. It is also my responsibility to pick them up and today is only a half day. Her mother was recently in a strange accident and has a concussion. One good thing about the next few days is I do not have to cook. Tonight we are going to Jenny’s house for dinner and I am bringing a salad. Tomorrow we are going to a break fast at Dana’s and I am bringing a cheese ball, Bubby’s recipe ;). Finally, Friday we are going to Shabbat at Laura’s and I am bringing a salad and challah. Saturday, I will clean the house for Ed who will be home that evening. Through all of this, I am working on the Shabbat Picnic for my son’s school (should be about 150-200 people). There is a co-host that is helping and should be passing out little candies today as a marketing thing, in the rain…. I am not sure that will happen. It was supposed to happen yesterday but the woman was ill over the weekend and was unable to complete it. I just called the person who was supposedly going to have the vitamin water from Coca-Cola donated and she says she didn’t think we were going to ask for that this year. I was told by the VP over this event that this person was asked over a month ago and I called today to figure out the logistics of how we were going to get the things there. Lo and behold I get told “you cannot expect this 1 week before the event”. Are you serious? There is a saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself”. The reason I give credit to others is because I don’t want to seem like an alpha, responsibility horde. But the more responsibility I give to others, the more I see people drop the ball and kill communication. It doesn’t take a genius to do an event like this. I mean, it isn’t like I am going to run for VP because I can actually pull this off (har har). But if more than one person is involved, it DOES take coordination and communication and I find, to often I might add, that there is a major lack of that in PTAs.

I am tired…. I have 90 minutes before I have to leave to pick up the boy. I need to clean my car, the house, go to the grocery store, do some laundry… forget it… I will do it tomorrow. :P

Monday, October 06, 2008

Festival Funnies

I have been a little busy but I thought I would share something with you all that I thought was hysterical. Saturday, the kids and I went to a local festival. The parking was blocked off and I slowed down to ask the person directing traffic where I should park. He signaled to the parking lot just ahead. I said "Thank you" and drove forward to find a lot that could hold 8 vehicles, naturally full. I circled back and voiced my frustration at the man and my son chimes in from the back seat, "Mommy, why were you yelling at that man?" I replied "Because he frustrated me." He then said so calmly and with such innocence "Well, you don't have to add him to your friends list, mom." Welcome to my web 2.0 family!!!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What will YOUR obituary say?

When people die, others reflect on what their life was and meant. I suppose it is a natural thing. Or maybe it is not. Perhaps it is more likely that because during a wake or memorial service people are eulogized and maybe people try to think about what will be said? The brain works in odd ways, or at least mine does. So, I can see a brain going down that path. To make a long story even longer, my father in law sent an email out to his immediate family (including me, of course) about an obituary. You can read the obituary by clicking here. Since then I have been thinking about this woman and the impact she made on her children. I then (naturally?) thought about my relationship with my children. As parents, my husband and I tend to be very strict with our children. Sure we are loving, but we have rules and expectations that may be a little more rigid than other families. In fact, yes, I can say with certainty that is the case. While other children are running around restaurants, ours sit perfectly well and are well behaved in a social setting. While other children will tug on the leg of their parent and loudly interrupt them while they are in a conversation, ours (for the most part) will quietly say “excuse me” and wait for a response. Are our children perfect? Of course not, though they are perfect for us! My point is, reading the obituary really made me think about my role in the lives of the people I love and also in society as a whole. I enjoy making others feel happy and perhaps filling needs of theirs. I love to volunteer and donate my time to those causes and I try to teach my children the same. For example, I am the PTA president for the second year in a row for my J's school, I was room mom last year for D's class, I always volunteer to make food for new parents in the neighborhood or people who are very ill, 3 years ago I made goodie baskets for the fire dept., police dept. and all 14 departments (including the janitors) of the hospital that were open for Christmas. I spent a full week with my kitchen looking like a mini version of Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. I baked cookies, candies, made Hershey kiss roses and the whole family piled into the mini van and delivered them on Christmas day. J was too little to understand but D helped! I don’t think he would remember. We should do it again this year… All this and I still worry what my children will think when I go… I hope I never lose that fear and I hope it encourages me to hug my kids a little more, snuggle with them more at night and be more patient with them when my day had been long.

Have you hugged your kid today?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

To weed, or not to weed? That is the question!

This year on the 4th of July we had great fun! We invited over another family, the Solomon-Altwargs, for our little neighborhood parade, lunch, dinner and fireworks. At first we all thought it would be way too long a day to spend with one family. It turned out to be a TERRIFIC day! We had so much fun with them. They have a little boy that is D’s age and a little girl about a year younger than J. To prepare for the day I had to set up a few activities. The Parade was first. I believe the pool was shortly after. Then we had the kids make fireworks t-shirt (and yes that is my comment on the link from LAST year) that were ready for them all to wear in time for fireworks. Then for dessert, we had a watermelon seed spitting contest. It took me a few stores to actually get a seeded watermelon but I finally found one at Harry’s, of course! We all joked with the kids to not swallow them because a watermelon will grow in their belly. And they joked with us that we will have a family of melons under our deck. Then there were fireworks and then they went home. GREAT DAY!

If you have read my last post you will know I have started to nanny for two children. Yesterday, I let them play in the back yard. E is 5. He said, “PJ, did you know you have a watermelon?” I let him know it was just a weed that had been neglected. He said, “ No, it is a watermelon.” I went to look and SURE ENOUGH, it was a watermelon between the size of a softball and a football! It just goes to show you, don’t pick your weeds! You never know what you will get. I cannot WAIT to eat it!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PJ 911

This is my first "trial week" as a "nanny" (hence the title of the post... sorry if it scared anyone :P) for my good friends 2 children. So far all is good! It is a lot more running around and life seems a little busier despite the fact the extra children keep mine entertained for the most part LOL. I am also the president of J's parent association again for lack of volunteers, and I am co-chair of a big event at D's school. Needless to say, life is a little hectic right now. But, we will have 2 kids in private school next year and we have to try to make that work. Right now it is looking impossible. So, though I am doing the nanny thing to help out my friend, it doesn't hurt to make the few extra dollars doing it.

As if I am not busy enough, you guys that know me know I like to give gifts that are personal. Well... I am planning on giving a birthday gift to J's best friend at her party this weekend. I have the materials but forgot to get sandpaper. IF I actually finish and get to take pictures I will post them. I have made this item before and NOW am doing 2 this time because D went to a birthday party a few weeks ago and the present was inadvertently not brought. So, I figured I would do something a little more special instead of send in the Hannah Montana DVD game for the little girl. I so much prefer handmade items. It is so much more personal. AND I am still knitting the baby blanket and matching hat for my soon-to-be nephew Jordan who is overdue!

Nah... I am not busy... ;)

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Gouging on Shabbat! :-o

Last night we had Shabbat dinner at Kathy’s. We had a BLAST! She made matzo ball soup and hot dogs for the kids. I brought a rotisserie chicken, a sun-dried tomato and green olive garnish for the chicken, organic challah and sautéed fresh corn with Vidalia onions as a side dish. It was all delicious! Then the kids were able to play while the adults sat and talked. Kathy bought Bud Light Lime too! That stuff was really good! I didn’t expect light beer to be good LOL. So after a while of talking, a neighbor came to talk to Kath on her back porch. Apparently there was no gas left in the city of Roswell because people went CRAZY over the thought of a hurricane hitting Texas. The gas stations started to panic at the amount of panicked customers and started to raise prices… also known as GOUGING which is illegal. On our way home (which my wonderful husband drove because I had 4 of those yummy beers :P) we saw our regular station was up to almost $4.50 a gallon! That was more than a .75 increase from that morning. My hubby went out to find reasonable gas after he dropped off me and the children at home. He said that the station he pulled in to was JUST taking down the price to put up a new one. The previous one said $3.68ish and that is what he ended up paying. “People were pulling into the gas station at 40 miles an hour”, he said. Later that night, “Governor Perdue signed executive order activating a state statute against price gouging that allows prosecution of stations that raise prices excessively”. I remember when the gas prices here were the lowest in the country at .90 a gallon! Can anyone say “alternative energy sources”?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A friend of mine in California told me about a new liqueur called Voyant, a Chai Cream liqueur. I am a HUGE fan of the chai flavor so I started calling around. The website said the distributor for Georgia is National Distributing Company. I went to my local store to see if they had it. No luck but he said he deals with them all the time and would ask how much a bottle would be. He takes my name and number and the next day (today) I get a call. He said the bottle would be nearly $29. My friend in Cali said he paid $22 but has seen it as low as $18. I told the man "No thank you. I have found it less elsewhere." I called National myself and asked who would have it in the area. They gave me the names of 2 other stores. I called Old Milton Beverage at 4045 Old Milton Parkway in Alpharetta. They had one left in stock, price $24.99. The second place I called said they could get it but it would be much more than $25. So, I called National back. APPARENTLY I was transferred to who I believe was the director of sales, Tom something or other. I told him my dilemma and asked if I could possible get a price on a case from him and was it possible to buy direct. He chuckled and said I could not buy directly from him but he would call the place that has one more on the shelf and tell them to sell it to me for $19.99. So I walked in and Eric (the guy I talked to originally) indeed sold it to me for $19.99. We also got to talking about vodka which is typically my drink of choice. He TOTALLY knew his stuff! He took me to the vodka section and pointed out some of the flavored vodkas. He said that most flavored vodkas are artificially flavored (like my wonderful Passion Fruit Smirnoff in the freezer at the moment!). He showed me the 2 vodkas that they carried that were infused vodkas. One he did not recommend to me because he said it had a very fiery bite. But he said Hangar One is fantastic. It was reasonably priced too. I will be trying that next after my other alcohols are gone. I had mentioned to him that I usually go for Grey Goose because it has a light bite. He suggested that it has a chemically aftertaste and is very pricey considering that. This will be my new bottle shop :)

As for the Voyant, I am currently having a glass with ice. It is quite good! It is very smooth and creamy. It contains milk so it needs to be refrigerated after you open it and cannot be combined with acidic mixers. It is 25 proof so very easy to drink straight. I don’t usually like anise but I believe it has a slight twinge of anise in it which blends very well with it. It is similar to a Kahlua and cream with a LOT more flavor.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

STAND UP to cancer

Today is the first day you are able to download the single "Just Stand Up" on iTunes. This song features Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Carrie Underwood, Mary J. Blige, Rihanna, Fergie, Sheryl Crow, Miley Cyrus, Melissa Etheridge, Ashanti, Natasha Bedingfield, Keyshia Cole, Ciara, Leona Lewis and LeAnn Rimes. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of the proceeds go to cancer research. This Friday, September 5th, 2008, all the women mentioned above will be performing their song on a television special that starts at 8pm on NBC, ABC, and CBS SIMULTANEOUSLY AND COMMERCIAL FREE! I will be watching and I hope you will all as well. Since one in three women and one in two men will get cancer during their lifetimes, is something we are all touched by personally or through someone else. Both of my grandmothers have gone through it and my husband's bubby, my very good friend lost her entire right arm to it just after she had her first child, my best friend's mother with a mastectomy and the loss of all her hair due to chemo, another good friend's husband survived it with throat surgery and chemo, one of my neighbors survived it in her mid 30's with a double mastectomy, 3 other neighbors have gone through it including one that lost his life to it, my friend's wife has survived it with a double mastectomy, and the list goes on and on and on. Help the world in this fight. Make a difference!

Sunday, August 31, 2008


Saturday we did something REALLY fun! My friend Reese gave us the idea that we should go hang out with him and his wonderful wife Nancy at the Dragoncon parade. My husband complained last night and put up a fight tonight. The kids and I were going to go with or without him but I am VERY glad he decided to come along. He adds so much humor to everything! I also invited Kathy and her kids to come along too. We had such a BLAST! We got off to a later start than I thought we would but we got to our destination by way of MARTA about 9:15am. The parade was due to start at 10am. Reese graciously stood so the 4 kids could all sit on the curb (thank you, Reese :)). As the parade started, the kids got more and more enthused! At one point, the 4 of them began chanting "Star Wars" over and over! The Mach 5 made a guest appearance which made my son SCREAM... but what made him scream the most was the ton of storm troopers at the end of the parade. And what I mean by "scream" is the blood curdling cry of glee only a 6 year old boy could make when seeing a storm trooper. Well, multiply that by about 100 for the amount of troopers there were! He pointed and said "I have every one of those action figures!" What he means by that is my hubby dug out his box of old action figures and gave them to the kids. Yep, he sure DOES have those action figures because as soon as he got home he showed us every single one! I think he liked the parade. We will TOTALLY be going next year and, more than likely, the kids will be dressing up, MAYBE us too. I think this may be a yearly thing for Kathy too!

After the parade we said goodbye to Reese and Nancy and Reese's colleague "Brian" (oh, I love inside jokes on a public blog!) and headed out to find my girl a potty. Good luck in a crowd of sci-fi madness! We got them all pottied and out to meet Mr. Maul where my son told him "My mom thinks you are the BEST!" (which is SO TRUE!) then off to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. It was a long wait to get a table and it was rather pricey, but we had a lot of fun! Then we went for a ride on MARTA to get back home. It is interesting the people you see on MARTA. About 1/3 of the train was standing though there were a few seats available. Ed took the boys and helped them stay safe without flying through the train. A man graciously let the girls have their seats. However, the Delta pilot decided it would be better if his luggage had the seat rather than another patron on the MARTA train. The middle aged, male Alabama and Clemson fans that were sitting across the aisle from each other were protecting the seats next to them as well. For whom, I have no idea. I guess some people were raised well and others were just raised by wolves. Since we are the end of the north line, several seats opened up before we had to get off the train. The boys sat down next to each other and my son started counting. I believe he got to about 300 something. Many people were looking at him laughing until about 150. Then I think it got really old. Oh well! Put on an iPod.

I am TIRED! Below are some funny pics from the day!

The REAL reason hubby enjoyed this event!

Booba Fett!

Crayola Fetts!

The Emperor!

Even on Shabbat the Jewish coalition of Mad Scientists can try to recruit! :)

And you don't have to be a pinhead to impress us...

Friday, August 29, 2008

What an ODD day!

I do not normally get political but today it is unavoidable. Today started off like any other Friday. I took my son to school. However, today he heard something about the political candidates on the radio and chimed in. He said he "didn't want 'A' to win". I asked him how he even knew about the names since my husband and I do not speak about the candidates specifically in front of him. He said he heard it from his carpool and the girl in carpool told him she wants "A" to win. He told me he wants "B" to win because he was told "B" is crazy and my boy said “that sounds a lot like me.” I told him that was the most mature response I have ever heard him make. Not only did he NOT go with whatever his friend chose, but he chose something because he thought it was similar to himself (though what he was told was completely inappropriate and wrong in my opinion). I gave him great praise and told him that I would be voting for "B" in November. He thought that was GREAT! I also told him that he (my son) is not crazy and neither is "B", but that he was right in that "B" is much more like him than "A". I ALSO made sure he understood that he has 12 years to worry about who he will be voting for as President. I did not think I would be forced to have this discussion with my 6 year old.

After I dropped him off at school (then dropped off the girl) I came home to find the love of my life in a white collared shit, a tie and a suit jacket... with cargo shorts! He would NOT let me take a picture of him but I swear to you it was a sight to see. He was making videos for training purposes for work and was only being shot from the waist up. I really wish I could have had a picture to go along with it!

I got a call from a good friend, Kathy. She was the one I saw last week who had jaw surgery. We share political views and I discussed what happened with my son this morning with her. She is very earthy and grounded and suggested I confront this person about the political discussions with my boy. I will leave it for now, I think, unless it comes up again in conversation. I ended up going to lunch with Kathy to Nirvana. It was FANTASTIC! Not only was the food fantastic, the service was impeccable and their sense of "GREEN" was extraordinary! They even have "plastic" cups made from corn that is 100% compostable! If you are local, I suggest you go in if only to get the homemade ice cream for $1. VERY impressive if you ask me! As we were talking (mostly politically since we were on the subject) I got her to commit to going to the Dragoncon parade with me tomorrow. I think my hubby may not be interested in going. It is his loss. Our best friend called today and said HE WANTED TO GO! HAH! If that doesn't get hubby excited about going, nothing will.

I got a call from my friend Dana while I was at lunch inviting me to take the girl to the park after school. I invited Kathy and it was a date! I probably stayed a little later than I should have considering I had a birthday party to go to. One of my son's friends from school was having a pool party. I feel bad he was the only one in floaties. He is just learning to swim but I wasn't about to get in with him so floaties had to be on... or no going in. After cake we decided to leave and have dinner. I called the hubby and girl and met them at Sushi Nami. There is only ONE THING I do not like about that place; their website sucks. But if you want the best sushi in the area, THIS is the place. The girl had a FULL ORDER of avocado roll this time! The boy had eel this time! They are becoming quite the adventurous ones LOL. Towards the end of the meal my girl turns to me and asks, "So they take down this building at night?" and I said "No, they lock it up." She asks "What if someone breaks the window to get in?" and I asked "Why would they do that?" "To get the food, I guess." I told her "That would be silly, don't you think?" She says, "No, that would be BAD!" and I told her "Yes and they would get arrested by a policeman!" And she puts her hands together and said "and they would put those bands around their arms". "Yes, they are called handcuffs". "Why are they called handcuffs when they go on your wrists?" Out of the mouths of babes! HAHA

When the kids were finally in bed, my robe went on and my hubby comes to the top of the stairs and whispers "Don’t answer the door". Just then DING DONG. I look out the window without the man noticing me, and he slides a piece of paper in our door. When he walked away I opened the door and looked at what he left expecting it to be religious in nature as the guy was in a suit. I was surprised to see it was a man running for SENATE! As I looked closer, it was state senate. But I was still very impressed that he was going door to door. The man was named Akhtar Sadiq. He had some interesting things on his site and appears to have been noticed by our state for a few cool things!

I guess I started political and ended political today. I hope this is NOT a trend. What an odd day!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time is Money...

My husband is very computer savvy, a true techie at heart. I mean, he works for a company of geeks (I use that term in a VERY respectful and envious way), his hobbies are centered around the computer, internet and electronics, he has every “boy toy” we can afford… Heck, we even MET online so it is safe to say I knew a long ago what I was getting myself into! We went to lunch today and he was talking about work, typical. And he was talking about having a conference call as opposed to emailing. He used the words "in person" to refer to a conference call. I love him dearly, but THAT is NOT in person! So often we use email, voicemail and less personal ways to communicate. I am not sure if that is a GOOD thing or not. We always want things now; fast food, fast cars, microwaves, credit card swipes, TiVo, instant messages, one touch dialing; NOW NOW NOW! Maybe we should just slow down and heaven forbid make a meal with too many ingredients because we didn’t take shortcuts. How about walk over to the neighbors to talk instead of instant messaging, emailing or text messaging. Watch the commercials, or maybe WRITE a letter! *sigh* I only wish I were not disillusioned to the idea that everything should be done so fast.... They say “time is money”. Well perhaps we have it wrong. Perhaps we are the “richest” when we have all the time in the world. For what it is worth, I would like to take option B.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My little smarty pants!

My 4 and a half year old is a second child. Naturally she will pick up things faster than her brother. But today, we sat down and READ 6 pages of "Hop on Pop" by Dr. Seuss. I was amazed! What started me doing this (was going to start it this year anyhow) was as we were driving home from her school today, she saw a white crosswalk sign and said "Mommy, that sign says stop. ST... AH... P". YES! Yes my smart little girl it DOES! So tonight she read part of her very first book :) And I am gleaming!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

A mitzvah....

A mitzvah (or mitzvot being the plural) is a Hebrew word meaning "commandment" but people use it to mean an act of human kindness or a good deed. Friday when I took my son to school, a friend of his showed me all the cool stuff in his own locker; a shelf, a locker light, magnets, etc. So today, I decided we would go get some of those things for the boy. There was only one locker light left and that is one thing he REALLY wanted. The packaging was opened, the light did not work and my son was pretty upset. He took it to a sales rep in the store and asked her if she could help him find another. She looked all around and then offered to GIVE him something of hers from her car... :-o She went outside as we were paying and got this cool light from her car that had the Velcro sticker for the back. They were those lights that you put under cabinets and such from the TV ads. I couldn't believe how very sweet this gesture was so I thought I would blog about it :)

Friday, August 22, 2008

A day like any other

It is my mother in laws birthday.... We called to wish her well :)

This morning I went to Friday morning services (Kabbalat Shabbat) at my son's school. He got to sit with me, which was great. I surprised my husband and daughter with Starbucks when I came home. I got ready for and went to orientation for pre-k for my younger one. We went to lunch at 5 Seasons . I was amazed that people take so much pride in their workmanship with food. You could tell everything was made in house for the most part. Everything was fresh! I give it a 4 of 5. Then I went home and got ready for Friday night services at our shul. They had a kiddie service and an ice cream social afterwards. I then went to pick my boy up from school. While I was waiting in the carpool line, I was able to knit a little more of my soon-to-be nephew's baby blanket. A woman with a daughter in pre-k came up to me and asked if i had a daughter in another preschool... I said I do but not the one she was asking about. She said I looked like someone she knew. I thought that was funny since I don't think I have a very memorable face LOL And def not one to be confused with someone else either. She and I talked for a good long time and the degrees of separation came into play... only ONE for us LOL! Funny how things work out! Then carpool started. This woman who was parked right in front of me was walking to her green Jag-yoo-ah in a semi-swift pace turned to me (and several others... about 3 separate times) and said "Leave it to me to hold up the line. You'll get used to me!" I chuckled because it seemed like such a pretentious thing to say. I went home, picked up the fam and left for a VERY early dinner at Subway. It wasn't my first choice but we left a lot later than I had expected. We carpooled with a wonderful woman and her son that used to be in my girl's class last year. I missed her this summer. I hope we can catch up now that the new year has started. We all had a lot of fun at shul. Then home for a movie with the hubby. Tomorrow may be a little relaxing, and then Sunday we may go to KidsFest. MAYbe.... *sigh* then back to getting up at 6am for 5 days -.-

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Girl's night, sick friend and new fish!

So, I am EXHAUSTED! Last night was the neighborhood girl's night out (formerly mom's night out but we changed it to be more inclusive). We went to the Veranda Greek Taverna. Earlier in the day one of the 12 people going emailed me (and one other person) to see if we would be designated driver for her. I was delighted to do it! Not only do I really like the woman because she shares many of my views, but it made me feel like I am viewed as responsible and she trusted me LOL. It isn't the first time I have driven her either but it still kind of felt like an honor... I am probably looking more into it than it needed to be, but I don't knock anything that makes me feel good :) The restaurant wasn't bad but I could tell not everything was made right there in house. I am not an expert or anything but the meatball appetizer tasted previously frozen. The fresh pita bread rocked though! And though I didn't have any of the $5 (all day, every day) martinis that looked soooo yummy... I may try to mimic some of them ;) shhhhh

I got home at 9:30 pm and didn't get to bed until midnight. 6am comes tooooooo early when you go to bed at midnight! Dean went off to school at 7am. Anne (the woman I carpool with) has been early, which is great :) Man I totally dig having carpool with her. Not only is she pretty darned reliable and responsible but she likes to do the mornings! I was hoping to go back to sleep for a little but of course the girl woke and I was unable. Ed had to go to jury duty (though he really didn't) so he left at 7ish to take MARTA to go downtown. I had to throw a load of wash in because the boy needed his navy shorts for Friday uniform and didn't have a clean pair. I get a call promptly at 8am informing me that Ed no longer was needed at jury duty and would I like to have a bagel and coffee with him around the corner. Of course I quickly dressed myself and the girl and left to meet him. I rounded the corner to my handsome prince reading the paper outside, enjoying his morning before having to return to work. It was nice to see him relax! We had our breakfast and I went off to see my friend Kathy. I had not seen her all summer! She recently had surgery on her jaw and looked like she got socked in the face 100 times by a weightlifter :( It was horrible. I am going to make homemade smoothies at her home tomorrow. So after that I carpooled and dropped the carpool girlie off, dropped my kids off and went to get dinner at Harry's. We were in the mood for fish so I decided to try a new kind! I got a suggestion from the man at the fish counter based on a few requirements. So... below is a recipe for now the SECOND fish my daughter will eat :)

Leeky Halibut - A PJ (with minor help from Ed) Original

1# halibut filet, skinned
2 TBSP canola oil
2 TBSP unsalted butter
1 fresh leek sliced 1/4" thick up to (but not including) the leaves
1/2 Persian lime
1 TBSP fresh minced (or pre-prepped in a tube) ginger
salt and pepper to taste

Heat a skillet on med high heat with the oil and butter until the butter just starts to brown. Add the fish and reduce heat to medium. Separate the leeks into rings and add to the pan. Squeeze all the juice from the lime evenly over the fish and leeks. Cook for 4 minutes and turn the fish. Add the ginger to the pan and incorporate it into the liquid. Cook an additional 6 minutes or until done then serve with vegetable of choice (I chose a sautéed fresh white corn with Vidalia onions)

Thursday, August 14, 2008

First week of 1st grade

My sons first week of school has been great! I have been able to spend a little time with the girl one-on-one and I have been cooking again... Why I didn't over the summer, I don't know... The first day of school my son had these great oat bars that I made for his snack (see recipe below). Day 2 he had the oat bar AND I made him "I Can't Believe I Ate the Bowl Dip" which is a refried beans and salsa dip (with shredded cheese and sliced black olives) in a yellow bell pepper "bowl". I gave him tomatoes, carrots and corn chips as the dippers. Yesterday, he got a wheat pita with turkey, raw spinach, sliced cucumbers and shredded carrot. He didn't eat that...*sigh* Today, I made him a sandwich wrap with a sundried tomato basil wrap, sundried tomato cream cheese that I made earlier yesterday, raw spinach, sliced cucumbers, grated cheddar jack cheese and shredded carrot. AND I made these GREAT chai muffins (see recipe below) that he got for a snack today! The girl helped me make those ;) Tomorrow... he will get another "I Can't Believe I Ate the Bowl Dip" and the yummy bagel chips I made from the 2 extra bagels we had from Sunday.

Wow... what to do for the weekend?!!?

Chai-can-believe-how-yummy-these-are Muffins
1 cup milk
1 heaping TBSP instant black tea
1/4 cup vegetable oil
1 six ounce container of vanilla yogurt
3/4 cup sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 1/3 cups wheat flour
1/4 tsp baking soda
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
2 tsp ground cinnamon
1 tsp ground cardamom
1/2 tsp ground ginger
1/4 tsp ground cloves
pinch of ground pepper
Preheat oven to 375F and line a muffin tin with paper liners.
Stir the instant tea in the milk and set aside.
In a large bowl whisk together oil, yogurt, sugar and vanilla.
In a small bowl, whisk together the flour, baking powder, baking soda, salt and spices. Pour half into the yogurt mixture, stirring well, followed by the milk/tea mixture and the rest of the flour. Stir only until just combined, then evenly distribute into prepared muffin tin.
Bake for about 21-23 minutes, until a toothpick inserted into the center comes out clean and the muffin springs back when lightly pressed.
Cool completely on a wire rack.
Makes 12 muffins.

Oat Bars
1 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
1 tsp baking soda
1 1/2 cups plain instant oats
1/2 cup packed brown sugar
1/4 cup softened butter
1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce
1 egg
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
1/2 cup chopped dried pineapple
1/2 cup coconut

1. Heat the oven to 350 degrees. In a large mixing bowl, combine the baking mix, oats, brown sugar, butter, applesauce, egg, and cinnamon.

2. Stir the mix with a wooden spoon until you have a crumbly dough. Next, fold in the coconut and the pineapple.

3. Press the dough into an ungreased 9- by 13-inch pan and bake for 17 minutes or until the center is set and the bars are slightly brown. Allow them to cool for 10 minutes before cutting. Makes 1-1/2 dozen 2- by 3-inch bars.

I made these interesting for my son my cutting out large, heart shaped "bars" with a cookie cutter. He was very impressed ;)

Thursday, August 07, 2008

So, ya had a bad day...

So, yesterday I woke in a terrible mood. Ed is away. I am sure that is part of it. I also had several things to do that I didn't want to. I went to Starbucks to meet up with a few friends to discuss carpool arrangements for this school year that starts Monday. Before the women got there, my children sat quietly and ate their food as a man and woman sat at the next table discussing divorce. It didn't appear that they were divorcing each other but it was clear one of them (I believe the woman) was going through a divorce. So I kept to myself waiting for my friends to arrive. When they did, the 5 kids played OUTSIDE (take note of that as it will play an important role later -.-) while we sat outside with them and discussed important, mommy-like things. One mom left about 30 minutes later, and then there were 4 children. We sat down and discussed nothing of major importance but decided to let the children play a bit more. The woman that was sitting at the table next to us talking about divorce had long since departed but the man remained. The kids started to play tag and were getting a little loud. Where were we again? OH THAT'S RIGHT! OUTSIDE!... The guy tried to make a phone call and apparently became perturbed. He held his arms away from his person and said LOUDLY... "COME ON!" and motioned to the children. I was already in a very hopped up mood and the triple shot of espresso I had in me did not help. I saw RED and yelled "We are outside! Don't you have a home or an office to go to?!?!". Then he proceeded to tell the person on the phone "Hold on I am in a zoo here!" to which I replied. "You are OBVIOUSLY not a father! The world thanks you for that!". As funny as it seems now... and it does... I swear to you I have not been that angry in a very, VERY long time.... I wanted to (as a wonderful minister friend I know once said) lay my hands on the man without prayer. What the hell right did he have!?!? So, the day didn't get better at that point. I went to get my sons hair done.How can you go wrong at a barber?!?! My son sits very still. I said "Please make it a 1 around the bottom, a 2 on top and fade it up". What barber would not understand that!?!? Needless to say I was tired of fighting so I let it go but I called the shop today and asked #1 if I was charged the right price (which I apparently was... $18) and #2 if I could get her to redo it because it was not short enough. The guy apologized up and down and said the woman would fix it. *sigh* one more thing to do... So the kids are up getting their clothes on now so we can go out and get Dean's hair re-cut. Maybe I will take them to lunch. UGH If I wasn't so sure that my husband would have a fit about it, I would just leave it. God, I miss him... Come home already, will ya!!?!?!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


So yesterday, my son did something I was SO proud of... I have to post it here for posterity! He recycled a cardboard toy box without being prompted, asked or told! Now, that may not mean much to any of you, but my son is only 6, and the environmental issues we face today is such a HUGE deal to me (and my husband). For my little boy to do that, unprompted.... unscripted... im just so proud :)

On another note... I had the best meal I have had in a LONG TIME last night... Hubby and I went on a "date" and I had a filet oscar with a lemon caper sauce. YUM! Ok yeah it was nearly $50 for the steak but it was SO GOOD! I think the part that impressed me me most was the crab meat. It was not only PERFECTLY COOKED, but there was no shell or cartlidge in the 5oz. and there was no filler... just seasoning and meat... OMG fantastic! I recommend Stoney River to anyone looking for a good (al beit expensive) meal.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

I let my dearest sleep in this morning. Yesterday I also did a little laundry so the burden he usually bears would be much lighter. And we went to his favorite restaurant, Sushi Nami on Windward. Those of you in the area who like sushi should try this place. I like sushi but it is not my favorite thing. My dearest, however, would be happy eating that every night of his natural life. This place has THE BEST sushi in the area, by far. Ed has traveled several times now to Tokyo and has eaten sushi in the heart of the sushi capitol. This place is authentic, fresh and just plain yummy! Even the pickled ginger is better! So my children share (because I knew my 6 year old son would eat some sushi) the children's plate of teriyaki chicken and tempura chicken (the Elmo plate) with mixed vegetables (zucchini and broccoli). My husband orders his usual of Ebi (cooked shrimp), Unagi (barbequed eel), lightly... and I MEAN lightly seared Tuna... I have no idea what the sushi name for that is, and a unique sushi of theirs called "Bull's eye" that had white tuna, cucumber and some greenish roe on top. I stuck to Kappa Maki (cucumber roll), avocado roll and California roll. What I got was pretty standard and the only room for error they could have had was the California roll. However, It was perfect! I am not even sure it had mayo in it though some tend to put it in... I personally think it ruins the roll but I digress. I watched the sushi chefs all through dinner as much as I could while correcting my overly tired children so they would behave. If you have not ever seen a sushi chef at work, I encourage you to watch them. And I don’t mean the ones at the supermarket that play chefs on TV, I mean go to an upscale sushi bar and just watch them. It is so personal! They mould your dinner with their bare hands. You watch them wash their hands after every single set of sushi. The things they work with... whole fish, monkfish livers, octopus, shark fin... things you would never in your life want to eat or even look at, they work their magic like pros! The slicing is even an art... So Dean had about 6 Kappa rolls tonight in addition to his half of a kid's meal. Ed did not order him any shrimp or eel but he loves that as well. He was also snacking on the ginger. I tell you, I hope that place is around for a long while. That is a tough area for restaurants because there are SO MANY and people have their pick, but the quality of this place is beyond phenomenal.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fishing and tidbits

I feel like if I do not blog everyday, I am missing out on telling everyone SO MUCH about the things I see...

A few blurbs... I saw a SWEET car the other day, a silver corvette. That in itself is just all right but with a vanity plate that said "MYMACH5" and a Speed Racer plate frame it was TOTALLY COOL! Also, I think I spied some sort of sports celebrity. It was a big, African-American man with a black Mercedes. The Mercedes had Fulton plates and said it was a "1456". I don't think Mercedes makes a 1456 so that must have been custom. The woman he was with was driving a black Land Rover with Ontario plates. He had a platinum ring on his pinky with a HUGE diamond in the center and crusted diamonds around it. WOW. No idea who the hell he was though. Oh well LOL

We went fishing yesterday with Kathy and her kids and a few friends I know from the Internet. That was SO MUCH FUN! I haven't been fishing in, literally, 22 years! I caught a blue gill "You have just advanced 1 fishing level!" WOOT! Chandler caught a BIG 'un though!

We had such a blast and I think we will make this a yearly meeting for me and the kids and Mark, Chandler and their fam :) The kids got along SO well! Jessie said she wanted to marry Chandler LOL The girls could have cared less about fishing. They took their chairs off to the shade, took sticks, put cheese puffs on the sticks and pretended to have a weenie roast!

I cannot tell you how fun it was. Mark has a wonderful family. I loved his wife, Caren! I really wish TB and fam would have gone :P I think he would have had fun despite his thinking he would not have... MAYBE NEXT YEAR! :P

Tonight we will go to dinner again. I think we decided on Bahama Breeze. I love the chicken pasta ;) Tomorrow, I am taking the kids to the free movie, AND to the Mrs. Butterfly in the afternoon... Then I guess I HAVE to go grocery shopping... man... I need food in this house. Summer tends to be very busy LOL I like to do things every day with the kids. #1 it wears them OUT and #2 it justifies me not putting them in camps LOL

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hodge Podge

Bought a couple bikes yesterday. If you read my blog you will have read that the boy has earned it... By default, the girl got one too. We like to tell them they are a "team" so he got the win for her. The graciousness lasted for about 5 minutes LOL They are great looking bikes though. Jessie was riding hers like a pro. I remember when I had a bike with a basket and tassles (like the one she just got). Man, where has the time gone? But, I have a little plug for Cycle Works in Roswell. They were amasing to us :).

"Graduation" is tomorrow. I am very excited. I was supposed to make cookies for the pool party afterwards. I made brownies. Think that is ok? Ah well. I have so much stuff to do tomorrow. SO MUCH! The teacher didn't really keep me in the loop about tomorrow so I had about 4 of the 16 other parents ask me about the happenings tomorrow. I will be happy when tomorrow is over LOL

Fishing on Monday. Ya know, I have not gone fishign in 20+ years, literally. Should be fun though! Maybe I will post pics.

Gotta get sleep before I look like I have pink eye for my kids graduation tomorrow. *yawn*

Friday, May 23, 2008

Moms can't GET sick!

Today is the 3rd day I have had a touch of a cold or a sinus infection. As a mother, and for those of you who are parents will appreciate this, I cannot get sick... and if I am, I cannot allow myself the luxury of the rest it takes for me to get better in any decent amount of time. So I suffer through a lengthy recovery period where I am miserable. Get over it, PJ! But, I did get some nice white tea with tangerine and honey last night... Was yummy to say the least!

Today I worked on the cookbook for my son's teachers for the last day of school. This will go with the apron the kids put their painted hands on last week that reads "Hands down, best teacher". This was my idea for the most part ;). I am proud of it too! It came out cute! The cookbook, however, is a masterpiece. I will print it out this weekend at hubby’s office. Nothing like stealing a few color prints from your job LOL Trust me, it is the LEAST they can do for him. I haven’t decided exactly what cover to put on it yet. I used to have some navy cardstock that was left over from my wedding, but I ACTUALLY cleaned out my daughter's closet and I think I may have tossed them after 7 years... JUST WHEN I NEED THEM! And I always tell my husband, "I may need that someday!” This is a PERFECT example!

Tomorrow is my son's best friend’s birthday party. It is a wizard birthday. I will enjoy it because I have not seen our best friends for MONTHS, literally :(. We have all just been too busy!

OK... I have a few rants... first, if I OBVIOUSLY go out of my way to let you in front of me in traffic, WAVE TO ME! Put down the cell phone, sweet tea and cigarette and put up your ungrateful hand to acknowledge that you aren't such an ass and did not recognize I put on my breaks for you!!! How hard is it? REALLY?!?!? Second, I was in line at MacDonald’s this morning to get hotcakes for the kids to eat on the way to school. It is a Friday morning ritual. There was a man in front of me ordering and I overheard his order. Those that know me know I have a more than a few pounds to lose... but... if you are in line to get McDonalds for breakfast, do NOT order a "butter biscuit, a large SWEET TEA and a hash browns." For heavens sake that is a heart attack walking! What are you THINKING!?!?!? No wonder this country has a high obesity rate! And finally, if you have a child that is 10-16, monitor what the hell your child wears out of the house! The girls today look like the women on the Girls Gone Wild videos and the boys look like they are straight out of a rap video. I swear to heaven there was a girl no older than 16 with her boyfriend today. She had on a shirt that went halfway to her navel! The boyfriend was decently dressed but the kid that came in after him had on a pair of pants that the crotch hung to his knees. Who the hell invented that!?!? WHY did they think that was attractive in any way shape or form? I do not CARE what kind of boxers you have on!

*steps off soapbox*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A bicyle built for DEAN!

The last few days I have not had much luck in the sleep department. Besides being extremely busy with getting my son's teachers end of school presents ready (which by the way, ONE of the 17 parents still has not given a recipe... after 4 requests), I am just not getting quality sleep. I wake up an hour before I am supposed to as well as several times in the night. I do not think anything is weighing on my mind. Maybe it is too hot? BAH... I hope it ends soon...

So, my little 6 year old boy had behavioral problems this year. He is a rambunxious child (typical boy) and has attention problems like his mother. However, it is not affecting his brilliance ;). He is such a smart child. He was not reading at the begining of this year and now is in chapter books... he has ZOOMED above his peers in many areas but often found him self in the principals office for lack of control. He is not malicious by any stretch of the imagination, quite the opposite in fact. He just has alternative ideas about what he should be doing I guess LOL. To encourage good behavior at school, we tried a "positive reinforcment" chart. Today, he hit pay dirt! He had to get 30 days of good behavior at school to get a new bike. The first few weeks after we started his stamp chart (we stamped an excel printout for every good day) he was perfect! Then after spring vacation he started to revert. There have been no principal visits since the chart came to be, though! I am very proud of him. He does work very hard to do the right thing :). I will be THRILLED when summer is officially here... Most parents are the opposite I guess, but I love the ability to make my children's schedules again!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Out and about

It has been a little busy. Friday night we went out for dinner to Shane's. Nothing like having pork for Shabbat dinner! My mother-in-law would plotz! I digress... So the ribs were VERY good. Their brunswick stew was rather tasty and I am not usually a fan of that. However, everything but the meat seemed pre-packaged or store bought... I had to take half of my dinner home. Mental note, a full rack of ribs is a LOT OF DAMN FOOD!But, that made dinner for Dean and a snack for me last night! Saturday was clean up day. I worked on the family room all morning then we went to a late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Ed is not usually a fan of Sweet Tomatoes but he indulged me. Then, me and Jessie, the girl with "air conditioner"* in her hair, dropped the boys off and went to her friends house for her friend's brother's birthday. Alex turned 1 and had family and close friends over. I am proud to be considered a "close friend". Jessie's friend, Joshie, is recently potty trained and as a reward was allowed to go to the golden arches for fries, one of his favorite treats. He was allowed to invite one friend and he invited me... not Jessie... me LOL. I am "Miss PJ". What can I say... he loves me! Anyhow, we had a blast (as usual) with the Nover and the Abrams families then home for a small dinner.

This morning our children woke us early, as usual, but were surprisingly not brutal about it! So my husband motions to me while we are both still lying in bed. He points to himself, and then to me... then to his eye... then puts his two fingers on my arm as if his fingers were "hopping". So we went to IHOP for breakfast. I guess you had to be there? No no... I am surely glad you were not! Awkward... When we came home from IHOP we decided to watch Evan Almighty. That was a great movie... I mean, I thought it was going to be a silly kind of movie but it really was awesome! Then I left the kids with Ed so I could go to Publix. I swear I am beginning to hate that I shop there. Their produce has been consistently poor for months, they are out of 50% of their sale items and their only saving grace is a crotchety, 150 yr old bagger with a lot of spunk and personality. Sad I think. So I have to go to Harry's tomorrow to finish shopping. This is, of course, AFTER I go to Dean's school in the morning and help with the end of school teacher project. I guess there is no question why I am tired!

* Jessie went to the Atlanta Cisco office on Friday with Ed. Someone had commented on her hair and how pretty it was. She said "My mommy puts air conditioner in it to make it so soft!" Out of the mouths of babes...

Friday, May 16, 2008

2 weeks left til summer vacation... HOME STRETCH!

It has been a while since I wrote... I boycotted Idol this year so no more updates on that. My friend said from the beginning that David Cook would win... No idea who that is but is sounds like he is in the top 2! Good for She She (the friend that predicted) :)

I have started playing the game that should not be named again... I missed it... I am addicted, again *sigh* I had missed my friends from it, though. One of them is the reason I am writing a blog! Oh the inspiration! :P

My 4 year old is now out of school for the summer. I was one of 2 PTA presidents for her school (40 students). I WONT be doing that again next year. Too much drama puts a bad taste in my mouth. My 6 year old has 2 more weeks. I am one of 2 room parents in his class this year. I still have to get done an apron for both teachers with hand prints from each child as well as a cookbook with family recipes from all the kids in the class, a gift card (got all but one check so far) and a party to plan for the last day of school. Needless to say I wont be a room parent again next year but I have to say, I was an OK room parent. I usually don't toot my own horn about things but I feel I can about both the room parent and PTA president positions. Someone called me an "alpha" last week... I never thought I would ever be viewed as one. He meant it as a compliment but I was quite embarrassed actually. It was in a group of about 10 people, half of whom I know very well, 2 whom I didn't know at all and the rest I kinda knew. When I think alpha, i think of someone pushing the others away to get things done... pissing on territory if you will. That was not me at ALL this year. I was more inclusive with the parents this year and we all accomplished so much. He said he used the term because I came in and got things done. LOL maybe? We were pretty successful this year I think. I am proud :)

Yesterday we went to Taste of Alpharetta in the pouring down rain. If the AJC posts pictures they took of us, I will gladly post. I am still learning how to "fancy up the place" on here so it may take a few days.

If I blog a little more often, the posts will not be so.... scattered? Ah screw it! Those of you that know me know I am scattered... Expect more of the same LOL