Thursday, August 28, 2008

Time is Money...

My husband is very computer savvy, a true techie at heart. I mean, he works for a company of geeks (I use that term in a VERY respectful and envious way), his hobbies are centered around the computer, internet and electronics, he has every “boy toy” we can afford… Heck, we even MET online so it is safe to say I knew a long ago what I was getting myself into! We went to lunch today and he was talking about work, typical. And he was talking about having a conference call as opposed to emailing. He used the words "in person" to refer to a conference call. I love him dearly, but THAT is NOT in person! So often we use email, voicemail and less personal ways to communicate. I am not sure if that is a GOOD thing or not. We always want things now; fast food, fast cars, microwaves, credit card swipes, TiVo, instant messages, one touch dialing; NOW NOW NOW! Maybe we should just slow down and heaven forbid make a meal with too many ingredients because we didn’t take shortcuts. How about walk over to the neighbors to talk instead of instant messaging, emailing or text messaging. Watch the commercials, or maybe WRITE a letter! *sigh* I only wish I were not disillusioned to the idea that everything should be done so fast.... They say “time is money”. Well perhaps we have it wrong. Perhaps we are the “richest” when we have all the time in the world. For what it is worth, I would like to take option B.

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yiddishehmama said...

..and so.. I found your blog. What delightful reading! As for your daily thought about wanting everything 'too fast.. talk to cousin Michael about "slow foods". It is a group he started in Ohio.

Then I read about the Mitzvah. Oh my.. that was wonderful.. ;)

I love you.. Mom