Thursday, January 21, 2010

All in the family...

I do not blog enough… Sorry (Reese). I have so much on my plate I find it difficult, sometimes, to sit down, put pen to paper (or finger to board in this case) and expel myself (that is really what blogging is, isn’t it?) into a concise note to the world. Without further adieu, here goes!

My daughter’s 6th birthday party is this weekend. Six… How did we get here? It really does seem like last week when I was snuggling and nursing her in bed in the GA house. Time flies… I always have heard older people say that; “Cherish these moments because they are gone too soon”. I guess I am old! We are having a little chef’s party in our house. We did something a little unorthodox (who me?) and invited all 18 of her classmates instead of just the girls. I was really worried about inviting them ALL and I was warned it was “a mistake”. Quite honestly, it is a darned good thing I did! Not one girl RSVPed. 8 children are on the list (including my 2, 2 neighbors and a sibling of a classmate). THREE classmates out of the 18 are coming. Is that normal?? Should that be what is expected here in FL?? Granted, I picked a bad weekend because the Gasparilla Children’s parade is that day. It is a big thing in Tampa I guess, but I don’t think that should matter. I digress… less mess for me to clean up at the end. I just hate to see a disappointed child hoping her (new, Tampa) friends would celebrate with her on her big day.

My son is reading Harry Potter. He is in second grade and has this passion for reading that I don’t think I ever had. Maybe I did once. Harry Potter is a mid 5th grade reading level and is over 300 pages. Second grade… I know I was never THAT into reading. My mother is an avid reader. Perhaps it skips a generation! I do know that both of my children are in the top 5 percent of their classmates which pleases me. But it also makes me want to go in and work with all the kids a little more. I guess that is why I volunteer so much. After all, ALL of those children are the future of this country, right?

Let’s see, daughter, son…. AH YES! Husband… Since I probably will not write again for a few weeks… or months… the anniversary of the first time I met Ed is February 11th. This year it will be 12 years. He is still my bestest friend, the one I go to about everything. I am not the type to say “he is my soul mate”. I am not the hopeless romantic that believes there is one person for every one person out there. How depressing would that be?? Who the hell came up with that anyway? Some lonely soul looking for an excuse, I bet. Anyhow, I do believe my life is unimaginably better with him in it. My coffee tastes better in the morning (mainly because he makes it, HAH!), my mind is sharper because he keeps me on my toes and challenges me, my house is livelier because of the wonderful children I made with him, my life is richer because I know that even on my crappiest day he is there to hug me and tell me tomorrow will be better. Bah, what a sap I am!