Sunday, May 18, 2008

Out and about

It has been a little busy. Friday night we went out for dinner to Shane's. Nothing like having pork for Shabbat dinner! My mother-in-law would plotz! I digress... So the ribs were VERY good. Their brunswick stew was rather tasty and I am not usually a fan of that. However, everything but the meat seemed pre-packaged or store bought... I had to take half of my dinner home. Mental note, a full rack of ribs is a LOT OF DAMN FOOD!But, that made dinner for Dean and a snack for me last night! Saturday was clean up day. I worked on the family room all morning then we went to a late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Ed is not usually a fan of Sweet Tomatoes but he indulged me. Then, me and Jessie, the girl with "air conditioner"* in her hair, dropped the boys off and went to her friends house for her friend's brother's birthday. Alex turned 1 and had family and close friends over. I am proud to be considered a "close friend". Jessie's friend, Joshie, is recently potty trained and as a reward was allowed to go to the golden arches for fries, one of his favorite treats. He was allowed to invite one friend and he invited me... not Jessie... me LOL. I am "Miss PJ". What can I say... he loves me! Anyhow, we had a blast (as usual) with the Nover and the Abrams families then home for a small dinner.

This morning our children woke us early, as usual, but were surprisingly not brutal about it! So my husband motions to me while we are both still lying in bed. He points to himself, and then to me... then to his eye... then puts his two fingers on my arm as if his fingers were "hopping". So we went to IHOP for breakfast. I guess you had to be there? No no... I am surely glad you were not! Awkward... When we came home from IHOP we decided to watch Evan Almighty. That was a great movie... I mean, I thought it was going to be a silly kind of movie but it really was awesome! Then I left the kids with Ed so I could go to Publix. I swear I am beginning to hate that I shop there. Their produce has been consistently poor for months, they are out of 50% of their sale items and their only saving grace is a crotchety, 150 yr old bagger with a lot of spunk and personality. Sad I think. So I have to go to Harry's tomorrow to finish shopping. This is, of course, AFTER I go to Dean's school in the morning and help with the end of school teacher project. I guess there is no question why I am tired!

* Jessie went to the Atlanta Cisco office on Friday with Ed. Someone had commented on her hair and how pretty it was. She said "My mommy puts air conditioner in it to make it so soft!" Out of the mouths of babes...

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