Wednesday, November 05, 2008

A letter from the heart...

Today I felt compelled to tell John McCain how I felt. Many of my conservative friends are too busy berating the president-elect 2 and a half months before he is even sworn in. Many of my liberal friends are busy celebrating, but my mind this afternoon was drawn to Senator McCain. His speech was more than gracious, classy and very respectful. I expected nothing less from the man.

I watched the news most of today. Many people were trying to analyze what happened to the republican vote that has been so strong the last 2 presidential elections. One person interviewed was Michael Regan, adopted son of Ronald Regan with his first wife. No, I do not agree with his politics but I agreed with one thing he said (to an extent). He said that McCain's loss was because of Bush and his causing America to lose faith in the republican party (I paraphrased). I think it was an unfair, uphill battle for any republican largely due to the last 8 years. But, I think Palin was a big weakness in the McCain campaign. I say that because when he chose her for a running mate I questioned his judgment for it. As I watched her in action, that thought was only reaffirmed.

That being said, I decided to write to Senator McCain. Silly me I guess. I am sure it will not be read. I am sure he is flooded with emails. I am sure reading a letter from someone who didn't vote for him isn't high on his priority list, but I did...

Senator McCain,

I want to tell you how very much I respect you now and even before this election was won. You have done great things for our great nation and I personally cannot begin to thank you enough. Though I did not vote for you in this election, I wanted you to know that there are people, me included, who still hope that you continue to make your opinions loud and clear in the senate. This nation is clearly divided and it is clear that your opinion is strongly looked to for fair balance. Please, continue to make your voice heard. Continue to help this country come closer to a middle ground. Continue to help us all become a better America, one we can be proud of once again. Yes I am counting on President-elect Obama, but I also count on you. Be that voice for the people you so relentlessly campaigned for and do not yield even if your opinions are not turned into actions. Help compromise and encourage compromise when compromise can be made. Do not be discouraged.

P.J. Rosen, married mother of 2 in Georgia


Susan Quilty said...

There was a time when I liked John McCain. I lost some respect for him over the last few months, but I did like his concession speech.

It will be interesting to see how everyone comes together in January. Hopefully, McCain will help his supporters now get behind Obama, although I'm afraid it may be difficult after some of the things he said during the campaign.

PJ said...

A campaign is ugly no matter who is on what side. Look at how Hillary and Obama treated each other (al beit more on Hillary's part) and they were both DEMOCRATS. It was brutal. To win, you make others look bad. You make people think you are the best candidate BECAUSE the other looks so bad. That is how it has been done for too many years. I am not saying it is right.

The respect I have for McCain is because of his military service (first and foremost... I cannot imagine what he went through... for us...) and his public service. Whether or not I agree with this policies and ideas, nearly half of my country does... half of my "brothers and sisters"... the same half that we need to walk halfway to meet while they walk the other half. That is all I am saying. There is far too much hurt and anger in the heart of America today. If I were a psychologist trying to help 2 adult siblings in a fued I would give them 2 options; compromise, let go and move forward, or go your separate ways. For a country's people to go their separate ways, it would be civil war. I do not want that. I am willing to look towards compromise to avoid that. I am willing to listen to both sides of the story to avoid that. I am just hoping the conservatives of this country are looking for that too. Perhaps I am just too much of a hippie tree hugger LOL I don't know