Monday, October 06, 2008

Festival Funnies

I have been a little busy but I thought I would share something with you all that I thought was hysterical. Saturday, the kids and I went to a local festival. The parking was blocked off and I slowed down to ask the person directing traffic where I should park. He signaled to the parking lot just ahead. I said "Thank you" and drove forward to find a lot that could hold 8 vehicles, naturally full. I circled back and voiced my frustration at the man and my son chimes in from the back seat, "Mommy, why were you yelling at that man?" I replied "Because he frustrated me." He then said so calmly and with such innocence "Well, you don't have to add him to your friends list, mom." Welcome to my web 2.0 family!!!


Sharon said...

He SAID that!? Oh my!! That is awesome PJ! LOL!!

amy cohen-huffine said...

ROTFL - classic, PJ!