Thursday, August 07, 2008

So, ya had a bad day...

So, yesterday I woke in a terrible mood. Ed is away. I am sure that is part of it. I also had several things to do that I didn't want to. I went to Starbucks to meet up with a few friends to discuss carpool arrangements for this school year that starts Monday. Before the women got there, my children sat quietly and ate their food as a man and woman sat at the next table discussing divorce. It didn't appear that they were divorcing each other but it was clear one of them (I believe the woman) was going through a divorce. So I kept to myself waiting for my friends to arrive. When they did, the 5 kids played OUTSIDE (take note of that as it will play an important role later -.-) while we sat outside with them and discussed important, mommy-like things. One mom left about 30 minutes later, and then there were 4 children. We sat down and discussed nothing of major importance but decided to let the children play a bit more. The woman that was sitting at the table next to us talking about divorce had long since departed but the man remained. The kids started to play tag and were getting a little loud. Where were we again? OH THAT'S RIGHT! OUTSIDE!... The guy tried to make a phone call and apparently became perturbed. He held his arms away from his person and said LOUDLY... "COME ON!" and motioned to the children. I was already in a very hopped up mood and the triple shot of espresso I had in me did not help. I saw RED and yelled "We are outside! Don't you have a home or an office to go to?!?!". Then he proceeded to tell the person on the phone "Hold on I am in a zoo here!" to which I replied. "You are OBVIOUSLY not a father! The world thanks you for that!". As funny as it seems now... and it does... I swear to you I have not been that angry in a very, VERY long time.... I wanted to (as a wonderful minister friend I know once said) lay my hands on the man without prayer. What the hell right did he have!?!? So, the day didn't get better at that point. I went to get my sons hair done.How can you go wrong at a barber?!?! My son sits very still. I said "Please make it a 1 around the bottom, a 2 on top and fade it up". What barber would not understand that!?!? Needless to say I was tired of fighting so I let it go but I called the shop today and asked #1 if I was charged the right price (which I apparently was... $18) and #2 if I could get her to redo it because it was not short enough. The guy apologized up and down and said the woman would fix it. *sigh* one more thing to do... So the kids are up getting their clothes on now so we can go out and get Dean's hair re-cut. Maybe I will take them to lunch. UGH If I wasn't so sure that my husband would have a fit about it, I would just leave it. God, I miss him... Come home already, will ya!!?!?!

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