Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A bicyle built for DEAN!

The last few days I have not had much luck in the sleep department. Besides being extremely busy with getting my son's teachers end of school presents ready (which by the way, ONE of the 17 parents still has not given a recipe... after 4 requests), I am just not getting quality sleep. I wake up an hour before I am supposed to as well as several times in the night. I do not think anything is weighing on my mind. Maybe it is too hot? BAH... I hope it ends soon...

So, my little 6 year old boy had behavioral problems this year. He is a rambunxious child (typical boy) and has attention problems like his mother. However, it is not affecting his brilliance ;). He is such a smart child. He was not reading at the begining of this year and now is in chapter books... he has ZOOMED above his peers in many areas but often found him self in the principals office for lack of control. He is not malicious by any stretch of the imagination, quite the opposite in fact. He just has alternative ideas about what he should be doing I guess LOL. To encourage good behavior at school, we tried a "positive reinforcment" chart. Today, he hit pay dirt! He had to get 30 days of good behavior at school to get a new bike. The first few weeks after we started his stamp chart (we stamped an excel printout for every good day) he was perfect! Then after spring vacation he started to revert. There have been no principal visits since the chart came to be, though! I am very proud of him. He does work very hard to do the right thing :). I will be THRILLED when summer is officially here... Most parents are the opposite I guess, but I love the ability to make my children's schedules again!

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