Sunday, August 31, 2008


Saturday we did something REALLY fun! My friend Reese gave us the idea that we should go hang out with him and his wonderful wife Nancy at the Dragoncon parade. My husband complained last night and put up a fight tonight. The kids and I were going to go with or without him but I am VERY glad he decided to come along. He adds so much humor to everything! I also invited Kathy and her kids to come along too. We had such a BLAST! We got off to a later start than I thought we would but we got to our destination by way of MARTA about 9:15am. The parade was due to start at 10am. Reese graciously stood so the 4 kids could all sit on the curb (thank you, Reese :)). As the parade started, the kids got more and more enthused! At one point, the 4 of them began chanting "Star Wars" over and over! The Mach 5 made a guest appearance which made my son SCREAM... but what made him scream the most was the ton of storm troopers at the end of the parade. And what I mean by "scream" is the blood curdling cry of glee only a 6 year old boy could make when seeing a storm trooper. Well, multiply that by about 100 for the amount of troopers there were! He pointed and said "I have every one of those action figures!" What he means by that is my hubby dug out his box of old action figures and gave them to the kids. Yep, he sure DOES have those action figures because as soon as he got home he showed us every single one! I think he liked the parade. We will TOTALLY be going next year and, more than likely, the kids will be dressing up, MAYBE us too. I think this may be a yearly thing for Kathy too!

After the parade we said goodbye to Reese and Nancy and Reese's colleague "Brian" (oh, I love inside jokes on a public blog!) and headed out to find my girl a potty. Good luck in a crowd of sci-fi madness! We got them all pottied and out to meet Mr. Maul where my son told him "My mom thinks you are the BEST!" (which is SO TRUE!) then off to the Hard Rock Cafe for lunch. It was a long wait to get a table and it was rather pricey, but we had a lot of fun! Then we went for a ride on MARTA to get back home. It is interesting the people you see on MARTA. About 1/3 of the train was standing though there were a few seats available. Ed took the boys and helped them stay safe without flying through the train. A man graciously let the girls have their seats. However, the Delta pilot decided it would be better if his luggage had the seat rather than another patron on the MARTA train. The middle aged, male Alabama and Clemson fans that were sitting across the aisle from each other were protecting the seats next to them as well. For whom, I have no idea. I guess some people were raised well and others were just raised by wolves. Since we are the end of the north line, several seats opened up before we had to get off the train. The boys sat down next to each other and my son started counting. I believe he got to about 300 something. Many people were looking at him laughing until about 150. Then I think it got really old. Oh well! Put on an iPod.

I am TIRED! Below are some funny pics from the day!

The REAL reason hubby enjoyed this event!

Booba Fett!

Crayola Fetts!

The Emperor!

Even on Shabbat the Jewish coalition of Mad Scientists can try to recruit! :)

And you don't have to be a pinhead to impress us...

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amy cohen-huffine said...

Oh my, I do hope that woman didn't try to skip down the parade route...those puppies looked ready to pop out at any second.

Dragon Con is totally fun. :)