Wednesday, September 17, 2008

PJ 911

This is my first "trial week" as a "nanny" (hence the title of the post... sorry if it scared anyone :P) for my good friends 2 children. So far all is good! It is a lot more running around and life seems a little busier despite the fact the extra children keep mine entertained for the most part LOL. I am also the president of J's parent association again for lack of volunteers, and I am co-chair of a big event at D's school. Needless to say, life is a little hectic right now. But, we will have 2 kids in private school next year and we have to try to make that work. Right now it is looking impossible. So, though I am doing the nanny thing to help out my friend, it doesn't hurt to make the few extra dollars doing it.

As if I am not busy enough, you guys that know me know I like to give gifts that are personal. Well... I am planning on giving a birthday gift to J's best friend at her party this weekend. I have the materials but forgot to get sandpaper. IF I actually finish and get to take pictures I will post them. I have made this item before and NOW am doing 2 this time because D went to a birthday party a few weeks ago and the present was inadvertently not brought. So, I figured I would do something a little more special instead of send in the Hannah Montana DVD game for the little girl. I so much prefer handmade items. It is so much more personal. AND I am still knitting the baby blanket and matching hat for my soon-to-be nephew Jordan who is overdue!

Nah... I am not busy... ;)


amy cohen-huffine said...

Glad the nanny thing is working out :)

Good luck fnishing all of your projects.

Hey, one day will you teach me how to knit? I'd like to knit new baby some sweaters or hats or something at some point.

PJ said...

I would LOVE to teach you to knit! Thursdays are good for me when the kids are in school. :) Just gimmie a shout!