Friday, April 06, 2007

AI boycott

I refuse to watch that show until Sanjaya is voted off...

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol, final 11

*Haley - Forgettable, hootchie, better singing that she has done all season though... still isn't up to par with the rest of them

Chris R. - He did great with that song. He has not been one of my faves because I think he is TOO much like Justin Timberlake but tonight, he proved to me why he is there. I really liked it.

*Stephanie - She may very well go this time. She was WAY off and I am sorely disappointed.

Blake - Wasn't his best but I think he made it very current. I like him... have since the beginning

LaKisha - I like her less and less each week. Not even close to Melinda anymore. There are little vocal inflections that she does to make it her own (and I thought this last week too) that kinda screw the WHOLE song up for me.

Phil - Liked it... kinda different from his picture that he has already painted for us. I agree that it wasn't believable.

Jordin - LOVED IT! She is better every week... The dramatics NAILED it for her... She made that believable... that is why I said she would be great as a Disney princess... obviously she is better than just that but she showed she has the stage presence to sell the song too.

*Sanjaya - Best from him yet but WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!??! Totally not believable... I don't even know what to say after that. I think he is safe this week though...

Gina - Best song for her, but I don't think she did it justice... Think she was too much into dancing... still reminds me of my friend Stef LOL IDK why

Chris S. - Wasn't his best song but I think he did it well.

Melinda - Best for last, what can I say. If she doesn't win, it is highway robbery

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Week 1 finals, results

yeah.... At least Sanjaya was in the bottom 2... GOOD... next week he is gone unless hell freezes over :)

Brandon was one foot out the door anyhow

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

AI Finals - week 1 - top 12

*Brandon - Cant hurry love - Pitchy, totally unoriginal... and when HE TRIED to be original, got all flustered and got off track... screwed up the words! Wat the hell... he is gone...

HYSTERICAL gay banter between Ryan and Simon... HA HA HA love it... the rainbow coillition will be all over that LOL!

Melinda - Home - If she doesnt win... I will CRY! OH MY GOODNESS! HOOOOOOOOLY bovine batman... Long career ahead even if she DOESNT make idol... Only quarrel I have was that last note sounded strained... Amen to the Gladys Night comment from Simon

Chris Sligh - Endless love - I like that the version was original but I HATED IT... Man :( Was better towards the end... And he lost his glasses... I love the glasses

Gina - Love child - Rock song, just her speed... I liked it... didnt LOVE it

*Sanjaya - Aint no mountain high enough - No emotion, flat... For god's sake someone take him out of his misery or me out of mine... and someone get him a hair stylist

*Haley - missing you - The only thing that may save her was the cleavage... She uses vibrato to cover her lake of pitch... SCREWED UP THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!! SHe had a WHOLE WEEK to learn them! UGH Simon was too light on her

Phil - I'm gonna make you love me - Started out lounge singer :( wasn't original... Wasnt the worst and he wont be gone from this

LaKisha - God Bless the child - ok... Melinda and she will be the last 2. Still liked Melinda better but she was great... I didnt like some of the artistic liberty she took

Blake - you keep me hangin on - slow start :( off beat in a part.... boring actually... I think he has a decent fan base so I dont think he is gone this week from that

Stephanie - love hangover - sounds too much like beyonce for my taste. The world has one beyonce, doesnt need another... she will be 3rd to last to go though. strained during parts. obviously wont be gone this week

Chris richardson - The Boss - HORRIBLE beggining... the world already has one Justin Timberlake and they dont need a cheap immitation

Jordin - If we hold on together - She likes the Disney songs. This was the second one she has sung (at least)... I like her but I see her as a princess at disney in one of the shows. She wont be gone this week

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Top 16 Results show

FINALLY goodbye to Antonella

Sabrina SHOULD be in that top 12... Haley made it over her?!?!? WHAT THE %^#*??

Jared should not have gone tonight, especially over Sanjaya

Sundance was overripe... Despite what the judges said

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol week 3 girls (top 16)

Jordin - Not the genre she should do. Very under the pitch. Looked like she had fun though

sabrina - she strained through the WHOLE song... totally not original... Agree with Simon

*Antonella - Before she sings, let me say... if she doesnt go, I am shooting the TV... very shaky... nervous... was good when she got into it... best she has done so far I think

*Haley - I dont like her lower register... flat on the top notes. Not sure if I dug the song choice.

stephanie - top so far tonight... very safe, top 12... strained a few notes though... I dont like her register either

lakisha - wasn't my fave... she DID look stunning though... how many times do they say, dont sing whitney... dont try to prove something, just sing

Gina - She sang a song by one of my fave artists... didnt think she did perfect but it was ok... Last note SUCKED! Look like she had fun though

Melinda - what a way to end the night... awesome... DAYUM!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

AI guys week 3, top 16

Blake... perfect song for him but he blew it

*Sanjaya - it is a shame... I like the soul in his voice... he seems like he is on pot... Gosh, I dont know... he has a following though... (SHOULD BE) gone, again

*Sundance - PICK A GENRE!!!! gone

Chris Richardson - He has been compared to Justin Timberlake... I thought he was mediocre at best tonight. It is the genre that is really hot right now though

Jared Cotter - That was HOT. I got CHILLS.

Brandon - He has a great voice... needs to show it off better

*Phil - YUCK! The falsetto was great and run at the end was good... and I like him... he is gone this week

Chris Sligh - WOOOOO HOOOO I love this guy :)

Best to worst:
Chris s
Chris R

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finals week 2 top 20

Nick - WOW didnt expect that. He did NOT deserve to go this week

*Alaina - guessed it

AJ - He didnt deserve to go either... What the hell....

*Leslie - I just realised AJ sang that song too.. Maybe it was song choice... Guessed this on though... HYSTERICAL at the end about her comment re: scat LOL LOVE her personality... *sigh* guess a Hunt isn't going to make it this year

How did Miss Nude Idol make another round?!? "SURIOUSLY!"

Pickler... GAWD I hated that girl when she was on the show... Nice boob job btw... can you MAKE it more obvious?!?

And I LOVE that Song by Daughtry - I'm goin home

AI week 2 girls top 20

* means 2 of 3 are going home

Gina - Sharp... Wasnt impressed

*Alaina - WAY off

LaKisha - She has GOT IT! Simply FLAWLESS! W!O!W!

Melinda - I like how she made the song her own... Wouldnt have been my first choice of song for her but I think she did very well with it! One of the top runners still. I still like Constantines version betterLOL

*Antonella - Nudie girl needs to GO! Off, fashion OFF, Come on... she is a face in a singing competition.

Jordin - MULAN SONG! pitchy, the song was WAY too big for her, I REALLY liked the quiet ending.

Stephanie - Weird song... Sounds a little like Beyonce but in a lower tone. She NAILED it though. (wrote before I heard the judges and Ididnt even KNOW it was a Beyonce song LOL)

*leslie - different... HATE HER OUTFITS. Loved the beggining... not sure about the scat. LOL at Simon's comment about Paula talking.

Haley - A Whitney Houston song? Come on. Not good enough to be Whitney. She did ok... but She needs to choose more wisely.

Sabrina "bird girl" - That top note was rough. A little shakey and pitchy in parts (like that last note)

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

AI week 2 guys top 20

* means 2 of the 3 will go home this week

Phil - Agree with Simon. Karaoke. Wedding singerish... I really like him though.

Jared - WAY pitchy! I like it though. It was sexy...


*Sanjaya - The american public doesn't get vocal difficulty and though he did (just) ok, I think that may have killed him.

Chris sligh - Reminds me of Dave matthews a little or the blues travelers and I think he needs to stick to that genre (as he did tonight). The song was a little weak but I REALLY like him still.

Nick - Soulful... smokey... Screwed up timing at the end. Pitchy in one spot. He definately needed a black suit with a black shirt and a black hat with a red band and a bright solid read tie.

Blake - PERFECT song for him. Jamiroquai is fantastic and I am a big fan of his. Wish he was more popular here in the states. The scatting ROCKED! I did think it was a little pitchin spots though. Still good though

*Brandon - Totally sweet sentiment... WAS NOT THERE THOUGH. I think it sucked and he may be gone.

Chris Richardson - I thought it was pitchy... but the judges seemed to think differently... I do think he is one of the guys top contenders though

*Sundance Head - I liked him before the semifinals... I dont think I like him much anymore :( He belongs in a bar in Vegas WAAAAAAAAAY better than last week though. Funny what they did witht he kids picture HA HA.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

American Idol results show week one

Paul goes home. There were worse guys, FAR worse.

Barba stays? Are you SERIOUS?!!?

Amy gone. Not surprised.

Nicole is gone. I am surprised. She isn't as pretty as Antonella Barba and maybe that is how she got voted out. Stumped. She wasnt going to win the thing anyhow. Listening to her sing it again I can see how she was voted off LOL

Rudy is gone. Guessed that.

25% accuracy... I will shape up next week ;)

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol top 12 girls (week 1)

In order of appearance:

Stephanie Edwards - she will be one of the top 5 unless she majorly screws up... She started off the girls RIGHT!

*Amy Krebbs - Couldn't hit the low notes... If you are going to do Bonnie Raitt, you have to be good and she killed it. Way off pitch in some parts :( Still better than some the guys

Leslie Hunt - Love her personality... she is weird. LOVED THE OUTFIT! But I don't think she is the next American idol... Once she gets into it she is good

Sabrina Sloan - She BUGS me for some reason but she has some pipes... Again, top five unless she screws up...

*Antonella Barba - I think her maturity is lacking quite a bit for this competition. NERVOUS and it showed in her pitch and shaky thing... and I heard she posed naked and may be thrown out anyhow

Jordin Sparks - Pitchy in spots... When she pushes she is great... though the last note went sharp from pushing... hmmmm I don't think she is quite there (believe it or not, I wrote this BEFORE the judges comments LOL... maybe I should apply for a judge position!)

Nicole Traquillo - beginning was horrible out of tune ESPECIALLY the low notes and her dancing (if that is what you call it) was insanely horrid, I hated it but I don't think she is out this round

*Haley Scarnato - shaky, out of tune in several spots... really good karaoke singer with a vibrato you can drive a semi truck through

Melinda Doolittle - Top 5, without doubt... she CAN nail the diva songs. A mini Aretha... WOW Not a note out of tune.

*Alaina Alexander - YUCK, and a horrible song choice...

Gina Glocksen - This song was done by Christina Aguilera... no one can outdo her, so... with that said, I think she did a fantastic job... OK Edit... she just finished the song and NAILED the middle and end... holy hell... if she keeps that up, she (pause) may (pause) go (pause) all (pause) the (pause) WAY. I think Simon is wrong and when he hears it back he will know he was wrong.

Lakisha Jones - I hope this one goes far... she is very humble... HORRIBLE OUTFIT... I want to see the power singers like this sing soft too... not just belt... She is good though... top 10 for sure... I don't think she was as GREAT as Simon though. She has pipes though

All in all, this night was far better than last night and it proves to me that this year is a girls Idol. No question. Very few of the guys have personality.

Worst to best:


Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol top 12 guys week 1

In order of appearance:

(gone) 1 Rudy Cardenas - wedding singer or karaoke... no better... EW

2 Brandon Rodgers - HORRIBLE choice of song. Wedding singer, or karaoke for him too... terrible, and I had high hopes for him

(gone, sadly) 3 Sundance Head - YUCK YUCK YUCK! He NEEDS to stick to blues.. he was one of my faves too!

4 Paul Kim - better than the other 3 so far... Had high hopes for him too... think he blew that, put shoes on!

5 Chris Richardson - Outfit was bad, started out too shaky and his dad has NO RHYTHM! He changed the notes in the song and did well with that... best so far tonight

6 Nick Pedro - I like his smokey tone... had pitch issues... bad song :(

7 Blake Lewis - Husband and I love the song he did (by Keane), he did OK with it... I agree with Simon about the beat-boxing and the genre... It is a singing competition. However, I think the beat-boxing NEEDS to be brought back at some point... he EXCELS at that

8 Sanjaya Malakar - It was good... I think he has one of the best voices in the competition... pitch was shaky and/or off in a few parts plus it was a little boring

9 Chris Sligh - pitchy... it was OK... he is one of my faves though. I like his style and humor... he was a little too dark with Simon at the end :( makes them look bad when they do that.

10 Jared cotter - MAJOR flat. He did not really make the song his own. Great falsetto though

11 AJ Tabaldo - flat the whole way through, Paula was dancing through the whole thing, Why?

12 Phil Stacey - Another of my faves... too bad he sounded like a wedding singer at the beginning... of course the bridge rocked but the whole song needed to rock... too mellow at the beginning... best one by FAR though

All in all... TOTALLY disappointed in the guys... What is up with the crappy 80's songs?!?! and WAY too many ballads... if the last guy keeps up the energy, he is in the top 3 for sure.

In order - best to last
Chris R.
Chris S.