Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fishing and tidbits

I feel like if I do not blog everyday, I am missing out on telling everyone SO MUCH about the things I see...

A few blurbs... I saw a SWEET car the other day, a silver corvette. That in itself is just all right but with a vanity plate that said "MYMACH5" and a Speed Racer plate frame it was TOTALLY COOL! Also, I think I spied some sort of sports celebrity. It was a big, African-American man with a black Mercedes. The Mercedes had Fulton plates and said it was a "1456". I don't think Mercedes makes a 1456 so that must have been custom. The woman he was with was driving a black Land Rover with Ontario plates. He had a platinum ring on his pinky with a HUGE diamond in the center and crusted diamonds around it. WOW. No idea who the hell he was though. Oh well LOL

We went fishing yesterday with Kathy and her kids and a few friends I know from the Internet. That was SO MUCH FUN! I haven't been fishing in, literally, 22 years! I caught a blue gill "You have just advanced 1 fishing level!" WOOT! Chandler caught a BIG 'un though!

We had such a blast and I think we will make this a yearly meeting for me and the kids and Mark, Chandler and their fam :) The kids got along SO well! Jessie said she wanted to marry Chandler LOL The girls could have cared less about fishing. They took their chairs off to the shade, took sticks, put cheese puffs on the sticks and pretended to have a weenie roast!

I cannot tell you how fun it was. Mark has a wonderful family. I loved his wife, Caren! I really wish TB and fam would have gone :P I think he would have had fun despite his thinking he would not have... MAYBE NEXT YEAR! :P

Tonight we will go to dinner again. I think we decided on Bahama Breeze. I love the chicken pasta ;) Tomorrow, I am taking the kids to the free movie, AND to the Mrs. Butterfly in the afternoon... Then I guess I HAVE to go grocery shopping... man... I need food in this house. Summer tends to be very busy LOL I like to do things every day with the kids. #1 it wears them OUT and #2 it justifies me not putting them in camps LOL

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