Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day 2008

I let my dearest sleep in this morning. Yesterday I also did a little laundry so the burden he usually bears would be much lighter. And we went to his favorite restaurant, Sushi Nami on Windward. Those of you in the area who like sushi should try this place. I like sushi but it is not my favorite thing. My dearest, however, would be happy eating that every night of his natural life. This place has THE BEST sushi in the area, by far. Ed has traveled several times now to Tokyo and has eaten sushi in the heart of the sushi capitol. This place is authentic, fresh and just plain yummy! Even the pickled ginger is better! So my children share (because I knew my 6 year old son would eat some sushi) the children's plate of teriyaki chicken and tempura chicken (the Elmo plate) with mixed vegetables (zucchini and broccoli). My husband orders his usual of Ebi (cooked shrimp), Unagi (barbequed eel), lightly... and I MEAN lightly seared Tuna... I have no idea what the sushi name for that is, and a unique sushi of theirs called "Bull's eye" that had white tuna, cucumber and some greenish roe on top. I stuck to Kappa Maki (cucumber roll), avocado roll and California roll. What I got was pretty standard and the only room for error they could have had was the California roll. However, It was perfect! I am not even sure it had mayo in it though some tend to put it in... I personally think it ruins the roll but I digress. I watched the sushi chefs all through dinner as much as I could while correcting my overly tired children so they would behave. If you have not ever seen a sushi chef at work, I encourage you to watch them. And I don’t mean the ones at the supermarket that play chefs on TV, I mean go to an upscale sushi bar and just watch them. It is so personal! They mould your dinner with their bare hands. You watch them wash their hands after every single set of sushi. The things they work with... whole fish, monkfish livers, octopus, shark fin... things you would never in your life want to eat or even look at, they work their magic like pros! The slicing is even an art... So Dean had about 6 Kappa rolls tonight in addition to his half of a kid's meal. Ed did not order him any shrimp or eel but he loves that as well. He was also snacking on the ginger. I tell you, I hope that place is around for a long while. That is a tough area for restaurants because there are SO MANY and people have their pick, but the quality of this place is beyond phenomenal.

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