Thursday, May 29, 2008

Hodge Podge

Bought a couple bikes yesterday. If you read my blog you will have read that the boy has earned it... By default, the girl got one too. We like to tell them they are a "team" so he got the win for her. The graciousness lasted for about 5 minutes LOL They are great looking bikes though. Jessie was riding hers like a pro. I remember when I had a bike with a basket and tassles (like the one she just got). Man, where has the time gone? But, I have a little plug for Cycle Works in Roswell. They were amasing to us :).

"Graduation" is tomorrow. I am very excited. I was supposed to make cookies for the pool party afterwards. I made brownies. Think that is ok? Ah well. I have so much stuff to do tomorrow. SO MUCH! The teacher didn't really keep me in the loop about tomorrow so I had about 4 of the 16 other parents ask me about the happenings tomorrow. I will be happy when tomorrow is over LOL

Fishing on Monday. Ya know, I have not gone fishign in 20+ years, literally. Should be fun though! Maybe I will post pics.

Gotta get sleep before I look like I have pink eye for my kids graduation tomorrow. *yawn*

Friday, May 23, 2008

Moms can't GET sick!

Today is the 3rd day I have had a touch of a cold or a sinus infection. As a mother, and for those of you who are parents will appreciate this, I cannot get sick... and if I am, I cannot allow myself the luxury of the rest it takes for me to get better in any decent amount of time. So I suffer through a lengthy recovery period where I am miserable. Get over it, PJ! But, I did get some nice white tea with tangerine and honey last night... Was yummy to say the least!

Today I worked on the cookbook for my son's teachers for the last day of school. This will go with the apron the kids put their painted hands on last week that reads "Hands down, best teacher". This was my idea for the most part ;). I am proud of it too! It came out cute! The cookbook, however, is a masterpiece. I will print it out this weekend at hubby’s office. Nothing like stealing a few color prints from your job LOL Trust me, it is the LEAST they can do for him. I haven’t decided exactly what cover to put on it yet. I used to have some navy cardstock that was left over from my wedding, but I ACTUALLY cleaned out my daughter's closet and I think I may have tossed them after 7 years... JUST WHEN I NEED THEM! And I always tell my husband, "I may need that someday!” This is a PERFECT example!

Tomorrow is my son's best friend’s birthday party. It is a wizard birthday. I will enjoy it because I have not seen our best friends for MONTHS, literally :(. We have all just been too busy!

OK... I have a few rants... first, if I OBVIOUSLY go out of my way to let you in front of me in traffic, WAVE TO ME! Put down the cell phone, sweet tea and cigarette and put up your ungrateful hand to acknowledge that you aren't such an ass and did not recognize I put on my breaks for you!!! How hard is it? REALLY?!?!? Second, I was in line at MacDonald’s this morning to get hotcakes for the kids to eat on the way to school. It is a Friday morning ritual. There was a man in front of me ordering and I overheard his order. Those that know me know I have a more than a few pounds to lose... but... if you are in line to get McDonalds for breakfast, do NOT order a "butter biscuit, a large SWEET TEA and a hash browns." For heavens sake that is a heart attack walking! What are you THINKING!?!?!? No wonder this country has a high obesity rate! And finally, if you have a child that is 10-16, monitor what the hell your child wears out of the house! The girls today look like the women on the Girls Gone Wild videos and the boys look like they are straight out of a rap video. I swear to heaven there was a girl no older than 16 with her boyfriend today. She had on a shirt that went halfway to her navel! The boyfriend was decently dressed but the kid that came in after him had on a pair of pants that the crotch hung to his knees. Who the hell invented that!?!? WHY did they think that was attractive in any way shape or form? I do not CARE what kind of boxers you have on!

*steps off soapbox*

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A bicyle built for DEAN!

The last few days I have not had much luck in the sleep department. Besides being extremely busy with getting my son's teachers end of school presents ready (which by the way, ONE of the 17 parents still has not given a recipe... after 4 requests), I am just not getting quality sleep. I wake up an hour before I am supposed to as well as several times in the night. I do not think anything is weighing on my mind. Maybe it is too hot? BAH... I hope it ends soon...

So, my little 6 year old boy had behavioral problems this year. He is a rambunxious child (typical boy) and has attention problems like his mother. However, it is not affecting his brilliance ;). He is such a smart child. He was not reading at the begining of this year and now is in chapter books... he has ZOOMED above his peers in many areas but often found him self in the principals office for lack of control. He is not malicious by any stretch of the imagination, quite the opposite in fact. He just has alternative ideas about what he should be doing I guess LOL. To encourage good behavior at school, we tried a "positive reinforcment" chart. Today, he hit pay dirt! He had to get 30 days of good behavior at school to get a new bike. The first few weeks after we started his stamp chart (we stamped an excel printout for every good day) he was perfect! Then after spring vacation he started to revert. There have been no principal visits since the chart came to be, though! I am very proud of him. He does work very hard to do the right thing :). I will be THRILLED when summer is officially here... Most parents are the opposite I guess, but I love the ability to make my children's schedules again!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Out and about

It has been a little busy. Friday night we went out for dinner to Shane's. Nothing like having pork for Shabbat dinner! My mother-in-law would plotz! I digress... So the ribs were VERY good. Their brunswick stew was rather tasty and I am not usually a fan of that. However, everything but the meat seemed pre-packaged or store bought... I had to take half of my dinner home. Mental note, a full rack of ribs is a LOT OF DAMN FOOD!But, that made dinner for Dean and a snack for me last night! Saturday was clean up day. I worked on the family room all morning then we went to a late lunch at Sweet Tomatoes. Ed is not usually a fan of Sweet Tomatoes but he indulged me. Then, me and Jessie, the girl with "air conditioner"* in her hair, dropped the boys off and went to her friends house for her friend's brother's birthday. Alex turned 1 and had family and close friends over. I am proud to be considered a "close friend". Jessie's friend, Joshie, is recently potty trained and as a reward was allowed to go to the golden arches for fries, one of his favorite treats. He was allowed to invite one friend and he invited me... not Jessie... me LOL. I am "Miss PJ". What can I say... he loves me! Anyhow, we had a blast (as usual) with the Nover and the Abrams families then home for a small dinner.

This morning our children woke us early, as usual, but were surprisingly not brutal about it! So my husband motions to me while we are both still lying in bed. He points to himself, and then to me... then to his eye... then puts his two fingers on my arm as if his fingers were "hopping". So we went to IHOP for breakfast. I guess you had to be there? No no... I am surely glad you were not! Awkward... When we came home from IHOP we decided to watch Evan Almighty. That was a great movie... I mean, I thought it was going to be a silly kind of movie but it really was awesome! Then I left the kids with Ed so I could go to Publix. I swear I am beginning to hate that I shop there. Their produce has been consistently poor for months, they are out of 50% of their sale items and their only saving grace is a crotchety, 150 yr old bagger with a lot of spunk and personality. Sad I think. So I have to go to Harry's tomorrow to finish shopping. This is, of course, AFTER I go to Dean's school in the morning and help with the end of school teacher project. I guess there is no question why I am tired!

* Jessie went to the Atlanta Cisco office on Friday with Ed. Someone had commented on her hair and how pretty it was. She said "My mommy puts air conditioner in it to make it so soft!" Out of the mouths of babes...

Friday, May 16, 2008

2 weeks left til summer vacation... HOME STRETCH!

It has been a while since I wrote... I boycotted Idol this year so no more updates on that. My friend said from the beginning that David Cook would win... No idea who that is but is sounds like he is in the top 2! Good for She She (the friend that predicted) :)

I have started playing the game that should not be named again... I missed it... I am addicted, again *sigh* I had missed my friends from it, though. One of them is the reason I am writing a blog! Oh the inspiration! :P

My 4 year old is now out of school for the summer. I was one of 2 PTA presidents for her school (40 students). I WONT be doing that again next year. Too much drama puts a bad taste in my mouth. My 6 year old has 2 more weeks. I am one of 2 room parents in his class this year. I still have to get done an apron for both teachers with hand prints from each child as well as a cookbook with family recipes from all the kids in the class, a gift card (got all but one check so far) and a party to plan for the last day of school. Needless to say I wont be a room parent again next year but I have to say, I was an OK room parent. I usually don't toot my own horn about things but I feel I can about both the room parent and PTA president positions. Someone called me an "alpha" last week... I never thought I would ever be viewed as one. He meant it as a compliment but I was quite embarrassed actually. It was in a group of about 10 people, half of whom I know very well, 2 whom I didn't know at all and the rest I kinda knew. When I think alpha, i think of someone pushing the others away to get things done... pissing on territory if you will. That was not me at ALL this year. I was more inclusive with the parents this year and we all accomplished so much. He said he used the term because I came in and got things done. LOL maybe? We were pretty successful this year I think. I am proud :)

Yesterday we went to Taste of Alpharetta in the pouring down rain. If the AJC posts pictures they took of us, I will gladly post. I am still learning how to "fancy up the place" on here so it may take a few days.

If I blog a little more often, the posts will not be so.... scattered? Ah screw it! Those of you that know me know I am scattered... Expect more of the same LOL