Friday, August 29, 2008

What an ODD day!

I do not normally get political but today it is unavoidable. Today started off like any other Friday. I took my son to school. However, today he heard something about the political candidates on the radio and chimed in. He said he "didn't want 'A' to win". I asked him how he even knew about the names since my husband and I do not speak about the candidates specifically in front of him. He said he heard it from his carpool and the girl in carpool told him she wants "A" to win. He told me he wants "B" to win because he was told "B" is crazy and my boy said “that sounds a lot like me.” I told him that was the most mature response I have ever heard him make. Not only did he NOT go with whatever his friend chose, but he chose something because he thought it was similar to himself (though what he was told was completely inappropriate and wrong in my opinion). I gave him great praise and told him that I would be voting for "B" in November. He thought that was GREAT! I also told him that he (my son) is not crazy and neither is "B", but that he was right in that "B" is much more like him than "A". I ALSO made sure he understood that he has 12 years to worry about who he will be voting for as President. I did not think I would be forced to have this discussion with my 6 year old.

After I dropped him off at school (then dropped off the girl) I came home to find the love of my life in a white collared shit, a tie and a suit jacket... with cargo shorts! He would NOT let me take a picture of him but I swear to you it was a sight to see. He was making videos for training purposes for work and was only being shot from the waist up. I really wish I could have had a picture to go along with it!

I got a call from a good friend, Kathy. She was the one I saw last week who had jaw surgery. We share political views and I discussed what happened with my son this morning with her. She is very earthy and grounded and suggested I confront this person about the political discussions with my boy. I will leave it for now, I think, unless it comes up again in conversation. I ended up going to lunch with Kathy to Nirvana. It was FANTASTIC! Not only was the food fantastic, the service was impeccable and their sense of "GREEN" was extraordinary! They even have "plastic" cups made from corn that is 100% compostable! If you are local, I suggest you go in if only to get the homemade ice cream for $1. VERY impressive if you ask me! As we were talking (mostly politically since we were on the subject) I got her to commit to going to the Dragoncon parade with me tomorrow. I think my hubby may not be interested in going. It is his loss. Our best friend called today and said HE WANTED TO GO! HAH! If that doesn't get hubby excited about going, nothing will.

I got a call from my friend Dana while I was at lunch inviting me to take the girl to the park after school. I invited Kathy and it was a date! I probably stayed a little later than I should have considering I had a birthday party to go to. One of my son's friends from school was having a pool party. I feel bad he was the only one in floaties. He is just learning to swim but I wasn't about to get in with him so floaties had to be on... or no going in. After cake we decided to leave and have dinner. I called the hubby and girl and met them at Sushi Nami. There is only ONE THING I do not like about that place; their website sucks. But if you want the best sushi in the area, THIS is the place. The girl had a FULL ORDER of avocado roll this time! The boy had eel this time! They are becoming quite the adventurous ones LOL. Towards the end of the meal my girl turns to me and asks, "So they take down this building at night?" and I said "No, they lock it up." She asks "What if someone breaks the window to get in?" and I asked "Why would they do that?" "To get the food, I guess." I told her "That would be silly, don't you think?" She says, "No, that would be BAD!" and I told her "Yes and they would get arrested by a policeman!" And she puts her hands together and said "and they would put those bands around their arms". "Yes, they are called handcuffs". "Why are they called handcuffs when they go on your wrists?" Out of the mouths of babes! HAHA

When the kids were finally in bed, my robe went on and my hubby comes to the top of the stairs and whispers "Don’t answer the door". Just then DING DONG. I look out the window without the man noticing me, and he slides a piece of paper in our door. When he walked away I opened the door and looked at what he left expecting it to be religious in nature as the guy was in a suit. I was surprised to see it was a man running for SENATE! As I looked closer, it was state senate. But I was still very impressed that he was going door to door. The man was named Akhtar Sadiq. He had some interesting things on his site and appears to have been noticed by our state for a few cool things!

I guess I started political and ended political today. I hope this is NOT a trend. What an odd day!

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