Saturday, August 23, 2008

A mitzvah....

A mitzvah (or mitzvot being the plural) is a Hebrew word meaning "commandment" but people use it to mean an act of human kindness or a good deed. Friday when I took my son to school, a friend of his showed me all the cool stuff in his own locker; a shelf, a locker light, magnets, etc. So today, I decided we would go get some of those things for the boy. There was only one locker light left and that is one thing he REALLY wanted. The packaging was opened, the light did not work and my son was pretty upset. He took it to a sales rep in the store and asked her if she could help him find another. She looked all around and then offered to GIVE him something of hers from her car... :-o She went outside as we were paying and got this cool light from her car that had the Velcro sticker for the back. They were those lights that you put under cabinets and such from the TV ads. I couldn't believe how very sweet this gesture was so I thought I would blog about it :)

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