Friday, May 23, 2008

Moms can't GET sick!

Today is the 3rd day I have had a touch of a cold or a sinus infection. As a mother, and for those of you who are parents will appreciate this, I cannot get sick... and if I am, I cannot allow myself the luxury of the rest it takes for me to get better in any decent amount of time. So I suffer through a lengthy recovery period where I am miserable. Get over it, PJ! But, I did get some nice white tea with tangerine and honey last night... Was yummy to say the least!

Today I worked on the cookbook for my son's teachers for the last day of school. This will go with the apron the kids put their painted hands on last week that reads "Hands down, best teacher". This was my idea for the most part ;). I am proud of it too! It came out cute! The cookbook, however, is a masterpiece. I will print it out this weekend at hubby’s office. Nothing like stealing a few color prints from your job LOL Trust me, it is the LEAST they can do for him. I haven’t decided exactly what cover to put on it yet. I used to have some navy cardstock that was left over from my wedding, but I ACTUALLY cleaned out my daughter's closet and I think I may have tossed them after 7 years... JUST WHEN I NEED THEM! And I always tell my husband, "I may need that someday!” This is a PERFECT example!

Tomorrow is my son's best friend’s birthday party. It is a wizard birthday. I will enjoy it because I have not seen our best friends for MONTHS, literally :(. We have all just been too busy!

OK... I have a few rants... first, if I OBVIOUSLY go out of my way to let you in front of me in traffic, WAVE TO ME! Put down the cell phone, sweet tea and cigarette and put up your ungrateful hand to acknowledge that you aren't such an ass and did not recognize I put on my breaks for you!!! How hard is it? REALLY?!?!? Second, I was in line at MacDonald’s this morning to get hotcakes for the kids to eat on the way to school. It is a Friday morning ritual. There was a man in front of me ordering and I overheard his order. Those that know me know I have a more than a few pounds to lose... but... if you are in line to get McDonalds for breakfast, do NOT order a "butter biscuit, a large SWEET TEA and a hash browns." For heavens sake that is a heart attack walking! What are you THINKING!?!?!? No wonder this country has a high obesity rate! And finally, if you have a child that is 10-16, monitor what the hell your child wears out of the house! The girls today look like the women on the Girls Gone Wild videos and the boys look like they are straight out of a rap video. I swear to heaven there was a girl no older than 16 with her boyfriend today. She had on a shirt that went halfway to her navel! The boyfriend was decently dressed but the kid that came in after him had on a pair of pants that the crotch hung to his knees. Who the hell invented that!?!? WHY did they think that was attractive in any way shape or form? I do not CARE what kind of boxers you have on!

*steps off soapbox*

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