Thursday, September 18, 2008

To weed, or not to weed? That is the question!

This year on the 4th of July we had great fun! We invited over another family, the Solomon-Altwargs, for our little neighborhood parade, lunch, dinner and fireworks. At first we all thought it would be way too long a day to spend with one family. It turned out to be a TERRIFIC day! We had so much fun with them. They have a little boy that is D’s age and a little girl about a year younger than J. To prepare for the day I had to set up a few activities. The Parade was first. I believe the pool was shortly after. Then we had the kids make fireworks t-shirt (and yes that is my comment on the link from LAST year) that were ready for them all to wear in time for fireworks. Then for dessert, we had a watermelon seed spitting contest. It took me a few stores to actually get a seeded watermelon but I finally found one at Harry’s, of course! We all joked with the kids to not swallow them because a watermelon will grow in their belly. And they joked with us that we will have a family of melons under our deck. Then there were fireworks and then they went home. GREAT DAY!

If you have read my last post you will know I have started to nanny for two children. Yesterday, I let them play in the back yard. E is 5. He said, “PJ, did you know you have a watermelon?” I let him know it was just a weed that had been neglected. He said, “ No, it is a watermelon.” I went to look and SURE ENOUGH, it was a watermelon between the size of a softball and a football! It just goes to show you, don’t pick your weeds! You never know what you will get. I cannot WAIT to eat it!

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