Wednesday, February 28, 2007

AI week 2 guys top 20

* means 2 of the 3 will go home this week

Phil - Agree with Simon. Karaoke. Wedding singerish... I really like him though.

Jared - WAY pitchy! I like it though. It was sexy...


*Sanjaya - The american public doesn't get vocal difficulty and though he did (just) ok, I think that may have killed him.

Chris sligh - Reminds me of Dave matthews a little or the blues travelers and I think he needs to stick to that genre (as he did tonight). The song was a little weak but I REALLY like him still.

Nick - Soulful... smokey... Screwed up timing at the end. Pitchy in one spot. He definately needed a black suit with a black shirt and a black hat with a red band and a bright solid read tie.

Blake - PERFECT song for him. Jamiroquai is fantastic and I am a big fan of his. Wish he was more popular here in the states. The scatting ROCKED! I did think it was a little pitchin spots though. Still good though

*Brandon - Totally sweet sentiment... WAS NOT THERE THOUGH. I think it sucked and he may be gone.

Chris Richardson - I thought it was pitchy... but the judges seemed to think differently... I do think he is one of the guys top contenders though

*Sundance Head - I liked him before the semifinals... I dont think I like him much anymore :( He belongs in a bar in Vegas WAAAAAAAAAY better than last week though. Funny what they did witht he kids picture HA HA.

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