Tuesday, February 20, 2007

American Idol top 12 guys week 1

In order of appearance:

(gone) 1 Rudy Cardenas - wedding singer or karaoke... no better... EW

2 Brandon Rodgers - HORRIBLE choice of song. Wedding singer, or karaoke for him too... terrible, and I had high hopes for him

(gone, sadly) 3 Sundance Head - YUCK YUCK YUCK! He NEEDS to stick to blues.. he was one of my faves too!

4 Paul Kim - better than the other 3 so far... Had high hopes for him too... think he blew that, put shoes on!

5 Chris Richardson - Outfit was bad, started out too shaky and his dad has NO RHYTHM! He changed the notes in the song and did well with that... best so far tonight

6 Nick Pedro - I like his smokey tone... had pitch issues... bad song :(

7 Blake Lewis - Husband and I love the song he did (by Keane), he did OK with it... I agree with Simon about the beat-boxing and the genre... It is a singing competition. However, I think the beat-boxing NEEDS to be brought back at some point... he EXCELS at that

8 Sanjaya Malakar - It was good... I think he has one of the best voices in the competition... pitch was shaky and/or off in a few parts plus it was a little boring

9 Chris Sligh - pitchy... it was OK... he is one of my faves though. I like his style and humor... he was a little too dark with Simon at the end :( makes them look bad when they do that.

10 Jared cotter - MAJOR flat. He did not really make the song his own. Great falsetto though

11 AJ Tabaldo - flat the whole way through, Paula was dancing through the whole thing, Why?

12 Phil Stacey - Another of my faves... too bad he sounded like a wedding singer at the beginning... of course the bridge rocked but the whole song needed to rock... too mellow at the beginning... best one by FAR though

All in all... TOTALLY disappointed in the guys... What is up with the crappy 80's songs?!?! and WAY too many ballads... if the last guy keeps up the energy, he is in the top 3 for sure.

In order - best to last
Chris R.
Chris S.

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