Tuesday, March 13, 2007

AI Finals - week 1 - top 12

*Brandon - Cant hurry love - Pitchy, totally unoriginal... and when HE TRIED to be original, got all flustered and got off track... screwed up the words! Wat the hell... he is gone...

HYSTERICAL gay banter between Ryan and Simon... HA HA HA love it... the rainbow coillition will be all over that LOL!

Melinda - Home - If she doesnt win... I will CRY! OH MY GOODNESS! HOOOOOOOOLY bovine batman... Long career ahead even if she DOESNT make idol... Only quarrel I have was that last note sounded strained... Amen to the Gladys Night comment from Simon

Chris Sligh - Endless love - I like that the version was original but I HATED IT... Man :( Was better towards the end... And he lost his glasses... I love the glasses

Gina - Love child - Rock song, just her speed... I liked it... didnt LOVE it

*Sanjaya - Aint no mountain high enough - No emotion, flat... For god's sake someone take him out of his misery or me out of mine... and someone get him a hair stylist

*Haley - missing you - The only thing that may save her was the cleavage... She uses vibrato to cover her lake of pitch... SCREWED UP THE WORDS!!!!!!!!!! SHe had a WHOLE WEEK to learn them! UGH Simon was too light on her

Phil - I'm gonna make you love me - Started out lounge singer :( wasn't original... Wasnt the worst and he wont be gone from this

LaKisha - God Bless the child - ok... Melinda and she will be the last 2. Still liked Melinda better but she was great... I didnt like some of the artistic liberty she took

Blake - you keep me hangin on - slow start :( off beat in a part.... boring actually... I think he has a decent fan base so I dont think he is gone this week from that

Stephanie - love hangover - sounds too much like beyonce for my taste. The world has one beyonce, doesnt need another... she will be 3rd to last to go though. strained during parts. obviously wont be gone this week

Chris richardson - The Boss - HORRIBLE beggining... the world already has one Justin Timberlake and they dont need a cheap immitation

Jordin - If we hold on together - She likes the Disney songs. This was the second one she has sung (at least)... I like her but I see her as a princess at disney in one of the shows. She wont be gone this week

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