Thursday, March 01, 2007

Finals week 2 top 20

Nick - WOW didnt expect that. He did NOT deserve to go this week

*Alaina - guessed it

AJ - He didnt deserve to go either... What the hell....

*Leslie - I just realised AJ sang that song too.. Maybe it was song choice... Guessed this on though... HYSTERICAL at the end about her comment re: scat LOL LOVE her personality... *sigh* guess a Hunt isn't going to make it this year

How did Miss Nude Idol make another round?!? "SURIOUSLY!"

Pickler... GAWD I hated that girl when she was on the show... Nice boob job btw... can you MAKE it more obvious?!?

And I LOVE that Song by Daughtry - I'm goin home

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