Wednesday, March 07, 2007

American Idol week 3 girls (top 16)

Jordin - Not the genre she should do. Very under the pitch. Looked like she had fun though

sabrina - she strained through the WHOLE song... totally not original... Agree with Simon

*Antonella - Before she sings, let me say... if she doesnt go, I am shooting the TV... very shaky... nervous... was good when she got into it... best she has done so far I think

*Haley - I dont like her lower register... flat on the top notes. Not sure if I dug the song choice.

stephanie - top so far tonight... very safe, top 12... strained a few notes though... I dont like her register either

lakisha - wasn't my fave... she DID look stunning though... how many times do they say, dont sing whitney... dont try to prove something, just sing

Gina - She sang a song by one of my fave artists... didnt think she did perfect but it was ok... Last note SUCKED! Look like she had fun though

Melinda - what a way to end the night... awesome... DAYUM!

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