Wednesday, February 21, 2007

American Idol top 12 girls (week 1)

In order of appearance:

Stephanie Edwards - she will be one of the top 5 unless she majorly screws up... She started off the girls RIGHT!

*Amy Krebbs - Couldn't hit the low notes... If you are going to do Bonnie Raitt, you have to be good and she killed it. Way off pitch in some parts :( Still better than some the guys

Leslie Hunt - Love her personality... she is weird. LOVED THE OUTFIT! But I don't think she is the next American idol... Once she gets into it she is good

Sabrina Sloan - She BUGS me for some reason but she has some pipes... Again, top five unless she screws up...

*Antonella Barba - I think her maturity is lacking quite a bit for this competition. NERVOUS and it showed in her pitch and shaky thing... and I heard she posed naked and may be thrown out anyhow

Jordin Sparks - Pitchy in spots... When she pushes she is great... though the last note went sharp from pushing... hmmmm I don't think she is quite there (believe it or not, I wrote this BEFORE the judges comments LOL... maybe I should apply for a judge position!)

Nicole Traquillo - beginning was horrible out of tune ESPECIALLY the low notes and her dancing (if that is what you call it) was insanely horrid, I hated it but I don't think she is out this round

*Haley Scarnato - shaky, out of tune in several spots... really good karaoke singer with a vibrato you can drive a semi truck through

Melinda Doolittle - Top 5, without doubt... she CAN nail the diva songs. A mini Aretha... WOW Not a note out of tune.

*Alaina Alexander - YUCK, and a horrible song choice...

Gina Glocksen - This song was done by Christina Aguilera... no one can outdo her, so... with that said, I think she did a fantastic job... OK Edit... she just finished the song and NAILED the middle and end... holy hell... if she keeps that up, she (pause) may (pause) go (pause) all (pause) the (pause) WAY. I think Simon is wrong and when he hears it back he will know he was wrong.

Lakisha Jones - I hope this one goes far... she is very humble... HORRIBLE OUTFIT... I want to see the power singers like this sing soft too... not just belt... She is good though... top 10 for sure... I don't think she was as GREAT as Simon though. She has pipes though

All in all, this night was far better than last night and it proves to me that this year is a girls Idol. No question. Very few of the guys have personality.

Worst to best:


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