Wednesday, March 21, 2007

American Idol, final 11

*Haley - Forgettable, hootchie, better singing that she has done all season though... still isn't up to par with the rest of them

Chris R. - He did great with that song. He has not been one of my faves because I think he is TOO much like Justin Timberlake but tonight, he proved to me why he is there. I really liked it.

*Stephanie - She may very well go this time. She was WAY off and I am sorely disappointed.

Blake - Wasn't his best but I think he made it very current. I like him... have since the beginning

LaKisha - I like her less and less each week. Not even close to Melinda anymore. There are little vocal inflections that she does to make it her own (and I thought this last week too) that kinda screw the WHOLE song up for me.

Phil - Liked it... kinda different from his picture that he has already painted for us. I agree that it wasn't believable.

Jordin - LOVED IT! She is better every week... The dramatics NAILED it for her... She made that believable... that is why I said she would be great as a Disney princess... obviously she is better than just that but she showed she has the stage presence to sell the song too.

*Sanjaya - Best from him yet but WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!??! Totally not believable... I don't even know what to say after that. I think he is safe this week though...

Gina - Best song for her, but I don't think she did it justice... Think she was too much into dancing... still reminds me of my friend Stef LOL IDK why

Chris S. - Wasn't his best song but I think he did it well.

Melinda - Best for last, what can I say. If she doesn't win, it is highway robbery

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