Thursday, March 01, 2007

AI week 2 girls top 20

* means 2 of 3 are going home

Gina - Sharp... Wasnt impressed

*Alaina - WAY off

LaKisha - She has GOT IT! Simply FLAWLESS! W!O!W!

Melinda - I like how she made the song her own... Wouldnt have been my first choice of song for her but I think she did very well with it! One of the top runners still. I still like Constantines version betterLOL

*Antonella - Nudie girl needs to GO! Off, fashion OFF, Come on... she is a face in a singing competition.

Jordin - MULAN SONG! pitchy, the song was WAY too big for her, I REALLY liked the quiet ending.

Stephanie - Weird song... Sounds a little like Beyonce but in a lower tone. She NAILED it though. (wrote before I heard the judges and Ididnt even KNOW it was a Beyonce song LOL)

*leslie - different... HATE HER OUTFITS. Loved the beggining... not sure about the scat. LOL at Simon's comment about Paula talking.

Haley - A Whitney Houston song? Come on. Not good enough to be Whitney. She did ok... but She needs to choose more wisely.

Sabrina "bird girl" - That top note was rough. A little shakey and pitchy in parts (like that last note)

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