Tuesday, March 06, 2007

AI guys week 3, top 16

Blake... perfect song for him but he blew it

*Sanjaya - it is a shame... I like the soul in his voice... he seems like he is on pot... Gosh, I dont know... he has a following though... (SHOULD BE) gone, again

*Sundance - PICK A GENRE!!!! gone

Chris Richardson - He has been compared to Justin Timberlake... I thought he was mediocre at best tonight. It is the genre that is really hot right now though

Jared Cotter - That was HOT. I got CHILLS.

Brandon - He has a great voice... needs to show it off better

*Phil - YUCK! The falsetto was great and run at the end was good... and I like him... he is gone this week

Chris Sligh - WOOOOO HOOOO I love this guy :)

Best to worst:
Chris s
Chris R

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