Wednesday, August 26, 2009

12 Things

12 Things I Have Learned:
12. For some reason, stores and restaurants in Tampa like to crank the air conditioners incredibly high. This makes it so that people with glasses fog up when they exit the stores… into the parking lots… BLIND!

11. In Georgia, it is typical to see people wave at you from their car when you are in a neighborhood of any kind. Not in Tampa.

10. No matter what kind of a house you have, it is a pain in the ass to clean it. But the bigger the house, the bigger pain it is to be had.

9. Trying to budget a household groceries is an enormous headache and pretty much a full time job! It is a job that my darling husband doesn’t get… at all.

8. Public school is NOT private school. When my 2nd grade son is doing the math work that my kindergartener daughter was doing over the summer, there is a serious problem.

7. Shopping of any sort is cheaper, faster and less stressful without my children. I think that is a painfully unfortunate reality.

6. When you have your own pool it is just as disappointing when it rains. But, you get more hand and face prints on the slider door from children watching for it to stop.

5. Laundry multiplies like bacteria if you leave it alone in a dark room for more than 24 hours.

4. My feelings are squashed a lot less if my children do not like their “take out” dinner as opposed to my cooking. Why on earth do we cook? Oh that is right, refer to #9.

3. Telling a child “no” today does not equate to “no” tomorrow in their brains. Repetition is part of every parent’s routine.

2. Even though I couldn’t wait for school to start, I missed my children more than I ever thought possible.

1. I never ever want to move or sell a home again.


Heather said...

I agree with everything (well, almost, I don't miss my children when they are at school) but especially with #1!!!!!

Reese said...

Sounds like you're settling in ;)

Octavia said...

It's because you moved to Florida. We have way, way, way too many rude Yankees here. If each New Yorker would just head North with a Canadian under each arm... *sigh*

Sorry, anyway, not all of Florida is like that. Most of the smaller towns are very friendly. :)