Wednesday, September 16, 2009

12 MORE things I have learned

12. The more rain there is, the less my husband sleeps. Not from the rain, mind you, but from the frog orgy that occurs later in the evening. "Hey, tadpole! I LOVE what you've done to your croak!"

11. I adore my David apron. I just don't feel right wearing it in front of my mother-in-law. You know, THE David by Michelangelo? Thank you, Dinki! ;) My children chuckle every single time, though. It just never gets old!

10. No matter how many stupid applications I ignore on Facebook (and I ignore them all), there are still 15 more sent to me every day. How on earth do people have time for them?

9. Fat may be unattractive but so is skinny... Have a cookie for God's sake. You look like you're about to fall over! Diet Coke is not a sustainable source of life!

8. No matter how angry or grumpy I get at my husband sometimes, I cannot imagine life without him. I think that is why I do not sleep well when he is out of town.

7. One deep dish quiche is only enough for one breakfast for 4 in my house and for some reason that just doesn't seem right...

6. I am a very determined person when I am passionate about something. Sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes, not so much.

5. I do not understand why in GA my daughter must be in AT LEAST a booster seat for the next couple of years but in FL she could be in just a seat belt. It is probably the same as the Darwin Theory law that allows motorcyclists the choice if they want to wear a helmet.

4. Most motorists in AT LEAST California, Georgia and Florida believe turn signals are optional. Maybe this should go with #5...

3. PTA volunteering is a full time job... and 100% worth it

2. Old people and birds vacation in FL in the fall and winter. The rest of the world vacations in FL in the summer and spring. Insects, on the other hand, vacation in FL all year round and their favorite pastime is taking steroids.

1. Halloween should be once a month. Not for the candy. Candy is just whatever... But for the dressing up! I think I will have Halloween once a month... The rest of the world can follow my lead!!


amy cohen-huffine said...

to #1 Well twice a year, thrice if you are in Tampa... Halloween, Guavaween and Purim!

Octavia said...

Oh, I see that you have come into contact with the Palmetto bug. Have you seen it fly yet? Oh yes, they do indeed fly. We also have something called a stink bug. It looks like a Palmetto bug, but when you squish it, it smells like your sewer is backing up into the house. They are might big fun... not.

I can't wait till you hear the oft repeated phrase common to the transplanted Yankee, "That's not the way we did it up North!" I swear if you hear it once, you will hear it a hundred times.

Welcome to the Joys of Florida living.... *grin*

Reese said...

Next: 12 things I wish I hadn't learned!