Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Update pl0x!

A friend of mine wanted an update so I will take a small break from my carnival of paper and boxes. Friday we arrived to a beautiful home adorned with a red bow above the porch. I got a leaping hug/kiss from my son that was the best ever! A plumber (or 2) was here doing something or other so I had to wait for a moment to kiss my husband. My in laws were here too, so the girl and I were greeted wonderfully by all the Tampa Rosens. I unpacked my car and an older woman walking a dog said “You can’t possibly lift that” to which I responded, “I am stronger than I look”. She chuckled as I hauled a huge roll of new carpet remnant into the house from my car and said “I guess so!” We had Pei Wei for dinner which is AWESOME! The next day we kicked ass and took names and got several boxes unpacked and the electrician came to install 8 fan kits. Sunday we bought a mattress for the boy’s trundle and unpacked more boxes. Monday I picked up the mattress from a warehouse and greeted our best friends. I got some help unpacking and we got to have lunch and dinner and play a little. 8 of us got to break in the pool while the other (me) got dinner from Pei Wei. Did I mention I love Pei Wei? Today is Tuesday and I have been unpacking slowly. I am running out of steam. The kids are going with my mother in law in the afternoon through dinner. This will help IMMENSLEY because the kids are driving me insane. I don’t have the time to invest in them right now and they are fighting a ton causing me to stop a lot of what I have been doing.

It is truly a castle… I cannot wait until it is fully unpacked. We have a long way to go! I will take pics when things are in the proper places. My uncle comes in about 3 weeks and school starts in about a month. Lots to do! Better get back to it ;)

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