Thursday, January 01, 2009

Bring on Y2K9!

This past week or so has been wonderful! Ed has been off work and the kids have been home from school. We have been tinkering with new toys and games together. We got replacement couch cushions for my couch (oh so needed). We celebrated every night of Hanukkah with excitement and joy and love and FUN!

We have been going out to dinner a little more than usually for the last couple months. Still not what we used to (which is good), but it is a little break. The girl and I broke out the easy bake yesterday. She insisted on baking a cake to take to the Denneen’s house for the NYE party we were invited to. She insisted her very first layer of the cake be blue in honor of her brother. I only wish they both share that love through the years and beyond. It is so sweet to see. We actually cut into the cake at the party. I wish we took a picture of the mini slices. They were cool with the colors! And the cake was surprisingly good! I mean… REALLY good!

The kids got all dressed up and we headed out to the Denneen’s for a wonderful dinner party. Jeff cooked an incredible dinner of roasted veggies, asparagus, green beans, mashed potatoes, lamb, beef tenderloin, salad, and I am sure I am missing at least one thing but that about sums it up. The kids were all incredible. I cannot believe how well behaved they all were considering we were there about 5 hours. There was an assortment of wines and such. I, of course, brought Voyant which wasn’t opened until the coffee came out and I put some in mine. I encouraged Anne to try some and she loved it! It was the first time I put it in coffee and have to say, it is YUMMY!

We were supposed to go to the Zazzaro’s for a party today. There is no way. We are beat. We were one of 2 families (besides the hosting family, of course) out of 6 families to make it until midnight and we paid for it today! We didn’t wake until 11 and didn’t eat breakfast until noon. We are going to take it easy and watch some Survivorman on the HD Science channel which the kids love. We may even go to a restaurant that was suggested to us by a woman at the party last night. I am sure my wonderful husband will give a review if we go. If he leaves anything out, I will be sure to chime in ;)

As for Y2K9, I am looking forward to the move to Tampa. We have a lot of big changes coming up and I am getting very excited!

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